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    Junior C# programmer looking for freelance work

    Hello there. My name is Vukasin Vucenovic , i'm 18 years old and i come from Serbia. I've started programming seriously when i was 13 years old making some small console applications for my own use. 3 years ago i've started using Unity3d and coding in C#/JavaScript.

    A year ago i've found a company called Wolt Studios with couple of friends , and we're activly working on 3 different projects. Currently the hottest project we work on is an indie game called "The Great Chase" , inspired by Icy Tower. The demo for the game will be available for download soon.

    I am taking only paid freelance work , since i'm working full time for my game development studio , and all the money i earn from freelance programming will go towards game studio. I charge per hour and the price is negotable.

    I have a solid experience in Unity3d and C# . I can code pretty much any game mechanic you need with really good optimization and implementation. I will provide all the documentation for any scripts i do.

    I'm also regular member of "Mathematical Association of Serbia" and regular member of "Association of Talent" IT departure.

    My work experience :

    - Started programming small console programs for personal use (such as Minecraft mod intsallers, texture pack installers etc...)
    - Currently administrating and working on my highschool webpage , with some experince in HTML and PHP. You can check it here - http://www.ets-zemun.edu.rs/
    - Found and currently filling a role of CEO and Lead programmer at Wolt Studios. I'm working on 3 different projects and coding them in C#.
    - Coded everything in "The Great Chase" besides Main Menu GUI. You can check the game here - http://igg.me/at/tgc
    - Besides coding "The Great Chase" i'm coding an RPG project that Wolt Studios is developing , aswell as a side scroller adventure game. There's nothing on internet i can showcase about there projects, but i am more then willing to show some work on skype/email.
    - Fully coded previous versions of pixel action game Oozengard. I'm willing to provide the latest build of it when i was working on it. More information on it at www.oozengard.com
    - Experince in Network coding.
    - Worked on a bug fix for android runner-type game for a company from Kuwait.
    - Coded major part of the online strategy game Modern Tank. http://www.moderntank.ca
    - Developing security software that works over network for highschools in Serbia

    If needed i also can provide some extra work , and link you to the people who can vouch for me.

    If you are interested you can contact me on :

    Skype : vulegends
    E-mail : vvucenovic@gmail.com
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    Poland, Warsaw / Cyprus, Limassol
    Great guy, im very pleased by his job. Really good scripts, fast and very helpful


    Wolt Studios

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    Open for job again , only part-time freelance job. Contact me for payment options (skype prefered).

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    can you do also Xcode? cocos2d games...pm me to have some chat for new projects

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    Open for job again , new experiences added.

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    Wer are looking for a coder to work with us on our upcoming title A Clumsy Adventure which will be released on PS vita. Please PM me if your are intrested or email me via info@excamedia.nl

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    free for freelance work.

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    I might have some work. Experience with posting to itunes connect as well? PM sent

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    Unity Brighton HQ
    Clearly there is some beef here, keep that between yourselves.

    As usual, do your research before hiring people from the internet, if you're hiring a programmer, it's not uncommon to give out a programming test.

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    The kids got talent, to bad our "time differences" got in the way.
    Maybe one day!
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