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    Are you going to include Dual Contouring in Ruaumoko as well? I mean, you said you would and that would be really awesome

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    Hi, We are considering buying your tool, and have a few questions.
    1. I was wondering if there was some way in your tool to define block types in order for them to be called in script later. Basically, is there a way to make unity know which is a grass block, which is stone etc.?
    2.Also, is there a way to create terrain in the editor, or is it all randomly generated? We would like to be able to sculpt the terrain in the editor, basically make a plane, and sculpt from there.
    3. Can you add object prefabs and have them be made into voxels and edited with the sculpting tool?

    Thanks for your input, the tool looks amazing!

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    bens1984 please implement this and I will purchase your product, I'll even flog it to others. Currently the only real option for transvoxel is to go with the C4 Engine and just no..... Marching Cubes is so 1987, Transvoxel is now!!

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    Wish list mmmm..

    1.) Transvoxel Algorithm- means no more seams & cracks in the terrain.

    2.) Pathfinding : what's a terrain without pathfinding ? ( unless there's an option for loading Ai bots onto a voxel terrain.. anyone ?? )
    my mind is screaming like a Zen Master dreaming....

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    North Bay, Ontario
    Has anyone figured a way to apply this to shapes you make yourself? Say I create a wall and I want to make it deform-able, how do I apply Ruaumoko to it? I'm struggling with this right now lol.

  6. im im is offline


    im looking for voxel asset for multiplayer game that i would like to do that would be fairly large sized open world where multiple players can change the terrain realtime.

    so what are realistic possibilities of this asset being put to such use.

    i guess the issues are how to get the generated maps on downloaded to the player that are joining and how to keep them all synced enough.

    i guess there is initial terrain generation and downloading it to players as they join. also as the players change the terrain downloading the changes to them, keeping them all synced

    then there is how will non voxel object, plain old static models be able to be placed inside the voxel area.

    also would be nice to have grass and trees growing all around the tubes and cavern.

    basically i am working on game that is completely below the ground. players can dig and fill in. but i need to be able to generate not just the voxel, but all the objects in the terrain for them to find as they explore

    i also need to be able to explode area when they trip off like explosive traps. and make caverns around their spawn area so they can spawn in and please objects around their spawn areas, like perhaps pickups and perhaps even rocks and buildings.

    i'm not looking for something blocky like minecraft, im thinkging smooth surfaces with blended textures.

    so do you think this would be good engine for that kind of stuff?

    thanks in advance
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    hi ya IM,
    I reckon what you're chasing, won't be available for a few years yet..
    Updating dynamic terrain is cool enough but having it update for every player in a multiplayer game in realtime across the net would be massive as players would be altering the terrain simultaneously... unless you had a cool down period for each player where their terrain altering tool only operates for a limited time during certain periods of time. That would work.... It might be a restriction on your game play until voxel engines could handle multiple changes. .. but I must admit it sure sounds like an awesome game ,

    Explosive charges that open up cavities in the terrain would be doable..

    best of luck
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    my mind is screaming like a Zen Master dreaming....

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    How would I go about generating an area that creates a hole in the terrain ? So for example a player throws a grenade, it explodes leaving a deep hole..

    If the player were to plant a stick of TNT underground upon detonation it forms an empty chamber.

    I'm thinking along these lines... add a sculpting tool with several END Points to the grenade. upon impact or after 5 sec. it simply digs outwards a set distance... yes ?

    Any thoughts on this would be appreciated by fellow diggers.
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    my mind is screaming like a Zen Master dreaming....

  9. im im is offline

    hi thanks for the response

    there are a number of games doing voxel and multiplayer

    you can find them on steam. it works pretty good

    ok not smooth voxel, minecraft like blocks, but still

    pregenerated maps goes a long way that come with the game, players can preinstall or just download the 1st time they play them.

    even if dynamic maps, it could be done using seeding, just passing the parameters so long as the maps end up the same it could be completely done on the client. it would also be a mix of patterns and seeds so it can all be handled at the client for the actual generation and not have to pass all the data.

    and yes when a player first joins they sort of have to wait while it syncs up

    but there are many games that dont use voxel on steam that when you first join they download lots of custom stuff, including maps.

    i was doing some calculations last night in my head and even if 1m it would be like 15mb that is like without compression and tiny comparied to what i get from like some of the games i play each time i join.

    ok while players are at it they will be generating a steady stream of changes, but some of this can be performed on the client so long as its deterministic.

    for example for your granade all u need to know is like the object id, position and rotation the object is would say it all grenade of certain item. different grenades would have to have different object id in this example. and then when the clients get this they can all play out the explosion. so long as the end results are the same. by this i same blocks being affected the same way.

    anyways i'll have to play around with the idea and see how it plays out.

    my worry is not as much about those things im more worry about the engines i do not know and how well written and supports are they and how efficient and that they have well documented proper apis.

    i mean i need apis to do the things i need to do and that those apis are not bugged up and perform acceptably well. i dont want to rewrite their engines
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  10. im im is offline

    hi im interesting and licensing your asset please provide link to your api/documentation. i need to see if it would work for me. thanks in advance!

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    North Bay, Ontario
    Heh wouldn't we all love some quality documentation.

    The two reasons I do NOT recommend this asset to anyone that I know is:

    * No documentation. I mean NO documentation. Not even consistent inline comments.
    * It isn't designed as an asset from the ground up. It is not very modular. It does not allow you to easily submit a prefab shape or hard coded shape. It is coded to do one thing and one thing only. If you want to make it do something different and original get ready to spend possibly more time trying to bend the asset to your will than it would likely take you to just learn how all the stuff works and code it yourself. Trying to adapt the asset is of course made all the more difficult by the complete lack of proper documentation.

    That being said, the asset is really good at doing what it does. If it so happens it does exactly what you need and you don't need anything else then this should be perfect.

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    Midwest, USA
    sorry all for letting your questions hang (school started, again)!

    transvoxel: it's cool, I can't lie. It won't be in Ruaumoko for a while since I don't have time to implement new algorithms, I'm afraid.

    AI Pathfinding: I've done quite a bit with dynamic terrain analysis for AI but it's not ready for prime time. It's certainly doable, if you've got a handle on implementing A*, etc.

    Dual contouring: I made a separate asset package for the DC, rather than raise the price on this one. The D.C. edition integrates seamlessly with all of the demos in Ruaumoko (and the next version will have a check-box in each demo to engage it), but can also now be purchased separately for games that need their own terrain engine but want D.C. to realize it.

    Taking preexisting meshes and voxelizing them: this is a really cool feature that is also not happening soon. There are lots of sticky problems with it and the best solutions I've seen are incredibly slow (like, 5 hours to transform a tank model into an accurate voxel-data representation). I've got some ideas for simple solutions that would work with certain caveats, and they may come in sometime this fall.

    @IM: this is a common desire, being able to network voxel data. It can be done, problems of concurrency, security, etc. are well understood but need custom solutions. Ruaumoko is not setup to do this out of the box, but if you serialize the 3D data for each block, keep a server ready to handle all the issues, and synchronize with clients you could certainly do it.

    The "NO documentation" that I have is available here. It's high level but has a section of (fully functional, complete) short code examples that describe turning data into meshes through the Marching Cubes class. I confess the inline comments are inconsistent. The Marching Cubes is modular as can be and you can do anything with it, but the terrain generation itself could be seen as more of a "it does what it does well and that's it."

    @Nakor: it's not for everyone, fair enough. I originally put it up for hackers who don't want to implement an iso-surface extraction algorithm on their own, then got lots of requests for terrain features and they've been gradually building up.

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    Thanks for the info bens1984,

    Regarding Hand Grenades: if I want to make a hand grenade explode & deform the terrain... would I simply use "sculpt" & my own end point ? the terrain would have to deform instantly.. is this possible ?
    my mind is screaming like a Zen Master dreaming....

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    North Bay, Ontario
    Heh I'm sure that came off more negative than I meant it to, but those are the areas this asset needs major improvement. I have that PDF... It kind of doesn't count as documentation. It's more of a half of a quick start guide. I'm not trolling, just offering my opinion. I realize I didn't pay a couple thousand for this asset or anything. I do appreciate the work you've done.

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    North Bay, Ontario
    Quote Originally Posted by Banksy View Post
    Thanks for the info bens1984,

    Regarding Hand Grenades: if I want to make a hand grenade explode & deform the terrain... would I simply use "sculpt" & my own end point ? the terrain would have to deform instantly.. is this possible ?

    I haven't done this yet but were I to do this (and I probably will fairly soon) I would create an object (the grenade) and have it emit sculpt tool rays in all directions, limiting the range of course. You would have to turn up the strength quite a bit and tweak the range, etc.

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    Well bens, in regard to taking meshes and voxelizing them, could you not take a voxel structure like a large cube, and jam the mesh inside of it, and then convert the "empty space" in the voxels directly to it's own voxelized object? I mean like moulding rather than say...actually converting the data directly, sort of like a 3d snapshot as it were. I don't know if this is at all helpful but, just an idea I had.

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    Sintra, Portugal
    Very interesting product, following to see where it goes.

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    @ Nakor: Thanks for the reply.. yeah I was thinking along similar lines... ray-cast out in several directions + up the strength &limit the distance.

    I'll play around with this over the next day or two & post if I get anything half decent happening.
    my mind is screaming like a Zen Master dreaming....

  19. im im is offline

    so that the explosions/blasts/splash is not perfect circle as you rotate the ray around the sphere you may want to have ray length be some RandomRange(min, max) that way it looks like blast going out in all directions

    re: transvoxel

    i starting porting transvoxel over to unity from existing c# xna port based on original c source code. got the transvoxel engine hopefully un unity with simple test to Debug.Log()

    now i need to get it to generate a mesh and collision mesh objects that is textured and that i can place ingame. and then tie to some controller that could be used alter the object ingame.
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    just wondering if this is what's affecting my Grenade script...
    ( note: I'm attempting to generate a Hand Grenade by altering SculptTool script )

    From the 4.0.0x release notes:

    We have changed how the active state of GameObjects is handled. GameObjects active state will now affect child GameObjects, so setting a GameObject to inactive will now turn the entire sub-hierarchy inactive. This may change the behavior of your projects. GameObject.active and GameObject.SetActiveRecursively() have been deprecated. Instead, you should now use the GameObject.activeSelf and GameObject.activeInHierarchy getters and the GameObject.SetActive() method.
    So in my adapted Sculpt Tool Scipt called "GrenadeExplode"
    if (!Input.GetButton("Grenade")) {
    beamDuration = 0;
    if (Flash != null)
    Debug.Log (" NO Bang");
    I get the following error:

    Prefab GameObject's can not be made active! (ExplodeSphere)
    UnityEngine.GameObject:SetActiveRecursively(Boolea n)
    GrenadeExplode:Update() (at Assets/Ruaumoko/Shared/Scripts/GrenadeExplode.cs:82)

    So I decided to use the standard "Lightning" instead of my explosion effect.... it now executes but
    I get a MissingMethodException error: The best match for method "Sculpt" has some invalid parameter.

    Here's what its referring to in the SculptTool Script
    hit.collider.SendMessage("Sculpt", sp, SendMessageOptions.DontRequireReceiver);
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    my mind is screaming like a Zen Master dreaming....

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