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    Aston martin_Toon

    This package includes 18 types of cars.

    Lowpolygon 3D cars (441 faces per car)

    All textures size 1024x1024.
    Modern style, agility, for the games.

    Each model owns different texture.
    You can switch textures one to the other: Perfect for game use.
    Animations are set up for wheels.
    Models are not accurate representations of any real car type.

    If you like it, please rate this item.
    Name:  e91560fb-5008-4bef-a9a7-37aed4fac98d_scaled.jpg
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    Name:  f2f2a29e-ddd2-4847-a085-c8c0b5cbf088_scaled.jpg
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    Name:  c11023f8-0d0c-40c6-bb43-63c7593d3607_scaled.jpg
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    Name:  60eb1003-3169-4da0-9dd6-7b4ccb14d9c7_scaled.jpg
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    Name:  289156af-82c9-463d-b47b-07c3d1e730d7_scaled.jpg
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