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    Lyon france

    Little red and Professor Wolf / Salem Games


    you can follow this project on Indie DB (march Update 20 / 2013)

    Salem games on facebookif you like

    Hi everybody,

    I started a new game. It's called "Little Red Riding Hood" and it's based on the old tale for children. I want to make something very original, a mix between arcade, puzzle game and adventure game. This game is designed for web browsers and for Ipad. I don't know the release date. It's a project.

    The game is divided in two times for each level :

    - one arcade / puzzle game time
    - one platform / adventure time

    there will be 7 levels.

    Main menu strucure

    - "New adventure" (to start a new adventure ( )) )
    - "Continue"
    - "Arcade mode" (there's now adventure part in this case. )

    The arcade time

    The arcade time must be cleared to access to the adventure level. The player must collect every baskets present on the stage. The only way to control the main character is to show to Little Red Riding Hood (I will say "she") the right way by generate bricks on her way. Every time you click on a square on the floor, it generate a brick. Pink bricks make little red turn to the left and Blue bricks make her turn to the right.

    Here's an example of the path system (Sorry my english is very bad and I think some video will speak for themselves)

    Once you've collected all the baskets you will be allowed to go to the next adventure level.

    I'm currently working on different things for the game play :

    - Coding AI behaviour for the wolf. You're not alone on the stage. The wolf is here. If he catch you . The game is over
    - Bombs : The wolf can put a bomb on his path. Bombs destroy bircks and can kill little red.
    - Magic power. I'm working on bonus that can kill all the wolf of the level.

    The adventure part

    It's the main part of this game. The structure is like a 2D platform game. I'm curently working on the first adventure level. (graphics and code). For now, there's now weapons in this game/ Little red riding must find all the baskets hidden. In every adventure level the wolf is not so far. Little red Riding hood must catch some chickens and throw them on the wolf to make him sleep a few time and let her alone.

    I choose a traditional way of animation to animate the main characters. All is drawn by hand on paper, then scaned and modified on photoshop.

    I use 3D too for the environment. I try to find something between "realistic" and "cartoonish" for the texturing of the assets.

    Here's my first test running on Ipad :

    The music

    I've made one track for the menu for now. You can listen to it on sound cloud :
    Glenn Gould / Back remix by salem lab JC Deyagère / Salem games)
    I used Garage Band and Adobe Audition to do this track.

    So there's a lot a work to do on this game. It's just the beginning. I will post some news to show you the progress. My first goal is to make a free playable level on internet. You can leave comment and tell me what you think about the structure, the idea of this game. You're welcome.

    Thank you for reading me.
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    wow I like this. It looks really nice. Keep it up.

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    Lyon france
    One of the new 3D assets for my game.
    Low poly restrictions : 138 Poly / 270 triangles


    No normal map / only diffuse and Ambiant Occlusion
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    Basing things on the Little Red Riding Hood tale is a great idea. Looks like you've made good progress so far. Keep it up!

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    Lyon france
    Thank you Dave for your support.
    I think we can make something "funny" with this tale. For example the only weapon in the first level will be : chickens..hehe
    I'm working on it. See you to show you the progress.

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    Lyon france
    316 poly / 622 tris

    Still have to do :

    - 1 wall
    - a dead tree
    - Some elements in wood
    - some bushes
    - some signs
    - a new character : a lumberjack and his axe

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    Planet Earth
    This looks great!

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    Textures currently do the game no justice. There are very obvious texture seams, and some UV islands are using more resolution than other more important areas. I personally would focus on the gameplay and locking than down, and then find an artist as time progresses and the game has a solid proof of concept.

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    Lyon france
    Hello hellraizerhhh,

    you're right concerning the UV mapping. I will fix this. I was in a hurry.There's still a lot of work to do. I'm alone to do all this stuffs and sometimes I would like to have 4 arms to perform all the things I have to do.

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    Lyon france
    Work in progress

    Update Fev. 11 / 2013 (casual game part of little red riding hood):

    - 2 lights added
    - Graphic U.I added
    - some bugs fixed
    - Special mushroom poison added

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    Lyon france

    Improvement of the path control system


    I 'm trying to improve the path control system of my main character. We were playing with some friends and someone told me that it was difficult to determine where Little red is going most of the time. I think I'm on the right way. I instantiate arrows above generated bricks to show the player if little red is going right or left.

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    Lyon france

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    Lyon france
    Info :

    Concerning the game play, I've decided to make to distinct games :

    - one casual game
    - and an adventure game.

    Since now I will stay focused on the casual game. I will upload a demo soon to have your feelings, your feedback about the game.

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    Lyon france
    New Update

    The chicken bonus !!

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    Lyon france
    Update Fev.21.Th

    Little Red in a NINJA' Style !!!

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    Ormond Beach, FL
    Ha ha that is awesome. She's literally chucking out chickens! The gameplay looks smooth and has a lot of potential. Keep up the development!

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    Lyon france
    Thanks James !
    Chicken is the weapon of the futur !!!!

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    Lyon france

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