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  1. unity's fps tutorial download

    why the heck can't we get the unity fps tutorial any more?

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    Good question. A contact of mine is eager to learn how to code in Unity and I keep saying 'Check out the tutorials' except the only tutorials I can find these days are rather complex looking things and nowhere can I find the stuff I learned from...

    The school yard demo to demonstrate the various type of joints, the FPS tutorial to demonstrate proximity damage on objects near an explosion, the simple roll-a-ball tutorial. These are the kind of tutorials one should start learning Unity with, not the race car demo or the 3rd person shooter demo or the shader swopping or what not.

    What is the point in knowing how to change materials at runtime if you don't even know how to add components to objects or make your character move forward?

    So I ask the same question: Why are the basics removed from the tutorials ? Does anyone still have copies of these projects that we can download from an alternate location?

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    Quote Originally Posted by christianmanners View Post
    why the heck can't we get the unity fps tutorial any more?
    Try here:


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    I cant find the FPS Tutorial at that link. I am trying to follow this video and need those resources. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7UF3wga5W0

    Why is the FPS Tutorial no longer there? Can anyone help me find these files?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Phoenix View Post
    Why is the FPS Tutorial no longer there?
    It's outdated and I doubt it would work with more recent versions of Unity.

    SpriteTile: new tile system that works seamlessly with Unity 4.3 sprites
    FlyingText3D: dynamic 3D text with TTF fonts | Vectrosity: fast & easy line drawing
    Nifty utilities! Stitch terrains together - runtime model importing - file browser - fractal landscapes

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