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    So.. I want to make a MOBA

    I want to make a MOBA with Unity, I tried to start but have no clue where. I don't even know how to design terrain to make a map. Any advice on what to learn/practice to make one.

    If you need anymore information to help just ask.

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    Google and youtube will be your best friends. Terrain isn't that hard in unity either
    -Gamer's Helmet

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    As gamer said before, just use google. i recommend looking for terrain toolkit tutorial then look on modeling so you can make the actual model... or have someone do it for you. then you can get the flame from unitys particles and use that for the rocket part. Then the fun part, making the vfx of the BOOM!. I am assuming by MOBA you mean mother of all bombs. But you can do it all for free in under a few hours or so, just depends on how much you are willing to put out.

    If you need any help just ask away, my services are free.
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    No question is stupid. If you took the time to think it up, ill take the time to answer it.

    If you want it, then will it. if you will it, then it will be your.
    But remember you have to give as much as you wish to get. This is the law of game design.

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    Thats is totally what MOBA(multiplayer online battle arena) stands for.

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    A MOBA game is really hard to make, have you made any network games before?

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    iran (persia) tehran
    Creating multiplayer games is hard and if you even don't know how to create a terrain and never developed anything. It's better to start with something like pong and learn general programming and unity and then make that pong multiplayer. Then try to make a battle game and then make it multiplayer. It's probably 2 years later or at least a year and by the time you know where you should look for.

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    Georgia, USA
    I wish to make one as well. But im trying to learn Unity. Have no friends who are interested so I'm trying to find someone willing to learn and work together. Im an artist, but I mostly like to draw concept art. If your still interested, I wish to speak with you.

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    usually the way this works is one step at a time, from basics to complex.

    life common sense.
    a baby first learns to crawl before to walk.
    one first master the easiest to then jump to second step.
    crawl, few steps, walk, run, etc.....

    so this is quite childish question and nonsense if one would of had just a little common sense about life in general, does not even have to have game dev experience to know this

    you want to make a moba and you dont even know how to use the tools for creating a terrain which if you look at tutorials, terrain creation in unity is just matter of point and click and a terrain will be created. unbelievable. lol

    there are hundreds of unity startup tutorials, you too lazy to read a little to learn??
    just go to youtube, and watch videos then, there is countless #'s of unity video tutorials.
    a very little research on the will help you get started

    the net is the most powerful tool ever been to learn whatever you like, is a gigantic encyclopedia at your fingertips, and mostly free, take advantage of this wonderful tool.

    with a few years of game dev training/scripting/modeling etc.. then you can start to learn how to make a moba, it is never too late to start learning.

    best of luck

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