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    How to make a game menu

    I need help with my game menu
    I want like Start game,Help,credits .etc.
    How do i link it to my game
    and how do i link the help interface to the help button
    (sorry if i sound confused or confusing ,just the easiest way i can put it)

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    Learn basic coding.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KheltonHeadley View Post
    Learn basic coding.
    I think he asked for help.....thats not helping.

    Menu's are created using GUI. There's plenty of places to learn GUI: videos, articles, forum posts, and the Unity Manual. Just do some google searching on GUI and you'll get there.

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    If you google "Unity how to make a menu", you'll see that this question has been asked numerous times. A little research before asking a question will go a long way. Go to any one of those search results and look at what advice was given.

    I believe this is also the answer that I gave you in answers.

    Your question is very broad. Until you narrow it down, you're going to get the "google" answer. Also try using the correct forum section. This does not belong in gossip.

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    Buy NGUI and follow all the tutorials and video's on youtube. You'll be a GUI pro in no time.
    At all costs avoid learning or using Unity's built-in GUI (unless banging your head against a wall gives you satisfaction)

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