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    Cincinnati, OH

    Cool Greed Monger - Free To Play Crafting Focused MMORPG

    Free To Play Crafting Focused MMORPG, Greed Monger, In Development

    Cincinnati, OH (October 23rd, 2012) – Executive Producer and Lead Designer, Jason M. Appleton has pushed the button on development for a new niche market free to play crafting MMORPG titled Greed Monger that will bring back the communities of the past in a 100% player established and driven economic system.

    On day one of official launch, players will embark on a new land as they are randomly distributed amongst a variety of various landscapes, each with their own prospects for housing, wild life and aggressive creatures. Nothing else will exist, until the player creates it. Each player will be armed only with a hammer and some form of bodily cover as they venture into the unknown in efforts to stake their claim on a new land with endless opportunities for wealth, fame and power.

    Greed Monger will be host to a variety of features focused on recapturing the essence of community found in the early MMORPG games such as Ultima Online. Some of these features include the following:

    Greed Monger Features
    • Non Instanced Player Owned 3D Housing (Land Parcels Purchased in US Currency)
    • Decorate Your House However You'd Like
    • Every Finished Item In Greed Monger Is Player Crafted
    • The More Land Parcels You Own, The Bigger House You Can Build
    • Greed Monger Is Free To Play
    • No Global Chat, Only Person To Person Above Head Chat
    • Player Vs. Environment Combat
    • Player Vs. Player Combat
    • Fast Map Travel System (Like Runes in Ultima Online)
    • Raid Monsters
    • Full Player Driven Economy
    • Player Written Lore Based On In Game Experiences
    • Community Events
    • Regularly Added Recipes and Plans For New Item Types
    • Charge Players Rent To Access Your Land (For Hunting/Harvesting Rares)
    • Ages Of Time and Technology will evolve with Population and Economic Growth (Into Space age - Different Planet)
    • Ever Growing Housing Style Options For Each Climate.
    • Multiple Climates/Landscapes Will Be Available At Launch
    • Resell Your Estate For Real Money In Our Estate Auction House
    • No Micro-Transactions (GM Fully Supported From Land and Estate Sales)
    • No Pre-Defined Skills Trees
    • Animals Only Drop Materials To Craft Items, Not Finished Items.

    The Greed Monger Development team has launched a very basic video demonstrating a bit of the land scape and atmosphere as well as examples of some player owned housing options; however the video is extremely limited. The team is currently working on a new video that will demonstrate many of the features of functions of Greed Monger that should be ready prior to its planned KickStarter Campaign.


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    Looking and sounding good. Website is also looking great! Cant wait to see more

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    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    Hi there! Really nice!
    How did you handled cutting trees? I΄ve heard that using the unity terrain system trees, you don΄t have much freedom to manipulate the tree position data by code. I΄m not sure if this still applies.

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    Oh my dear, is this something similar to Wurm Online? if yes I would love to play something new like that!

    If you perhaps look for Game Testers (QA) PM me! I have ton of time to help out! (( Work for free as well :'D ))
    Damn cannot wait for this, I love games like that, the whole world is settled with players, it all starts with first players and so on, a sandbox game that you are allowed to do what you want!

    Good luck as well!
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    Game Designer Trainee

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    This is damn good, can't wait to see more :P

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    Just wanted to post a quick update on our progress. I joined the team as a Programmer Last Thursday. In that time we have been busy getting our KickStarter Campaign Launched and establishing a fan base. We have over 50 extremely active members on our Forum and that number keeps growing. We Launched our KickStarter Campaign on Wednesday with a $30,000 goal. Since then we have received over $8,000 toward that goal.

    Today we licensed UniStorm and I spent the day integrating that into our systems. Below are some Screenshots from a modified version of the Demo Scene that came with UniStorm:

    If you are interested in finding out more about Greed Monger please check out the following sites:

    Our Main site: http://www.greedmonger.com
    Our Forum: http://www.greedmonger.com/forum/forum.php
    Our KickStarter Page: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/...sandbox-mmorpg

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    What are your team's plans if the project is successfully funded but doesn't bring much more than the asking $30,000? This figure seems way too low of an estimate for a project of this scope and is what kept me from donating to the project. If this hasn't been addressed yet in update post or somewhere on the page, I think you should try to let potential backers know what is planned. Like most backers, I wouldn't want to throw money away and there is no doubt in my mind that you can not create a MMO of the quality you're promising with less than 200K. Most likely your cost would be much much higher than that but that is much more believable.

    I hope this post doesn't seem harsh or negative, I just believe if you are on Kickstarter you should be upfront with potential backers and this is a question I have about the project. I like the sound of the project but right now it is a lot of pre-bought assets, a low funding goal, and a lot of promises. I have been working on an online game for the last two years and about to start on a Kickstarter, so I know how hard it is to pick the perfect funding goals and project cost estimates. Hopefully you guys get way above what your asking and you won't have to worry .

    Best of Luck,

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    We have been very open with our growing community about what we will do if our KickStarter isn't successful... Jason (ElectricCrow) is prepared between him and Business Partners he has to fund the whole Development of Greed Monger should the need arise. We are using KickStarter as a way to Speed up Development as well as to gauge the interest in our Project. One way or another Greed Monger WILL be developed it's just a matter of how quickly it can be developed which will depend on the success of the KickStarter Campaign. Hope this answers your questions and we would love to see you on our forums! We will be releasing a new Video shortly showing a walk through of the 2 styles of Castles you can select from with a $2,000 pledge. Having been working on getting them setup for the Video the past couple day I must say they are looking great!

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    Cincinnati, OH
    Dane, I have already turned down outside investment offers due to my desire to privately fund the game myself if the Kickstarter Campaign weren't successful in providing the proper infusion. I have enough friends in a position to invest, if I were to ask for it, but I do well enough on my own and won't be looking to any outside investments unless that investment was attached to something else that would significantly aid us in furthering our reach for the game.

    To assume we need $200,000 to develop what we are is a major overstatement. We are creating the ultimate sandbox. The negatives of such are also a key strength. We aren't having to spend a fortune creating an already built and designed world because the players will be creating it all themselves. We will be providing the tools they need to do exactly that.

    Whats more, with the Kickstarter Campaign being the only manner by which one will be able to purchase more than 4 Parcels of land per account which will be the limit at launch, this is a concrete investment for any gamer looking to get a return on their investment of time in a game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElectricCrow View Post
    To assume we need $200,000 to develop what we are is a major overstatement. We are creating the ultimate sandbox.
    I wish you the best of luck, but to develop any commercial game that is going to fall into the "Ultimate" category is going to cost more than the previously mentioned figure. Even with a team of only 6 developers working for a year, you could exceed $200,000 in salary requirements alone. If you aren't planing on paying your team member during the development process you still have licensing cost and marketing.

    It wasn't my intent to offend you, so I apologize if I did. The original purpose of my post was to see what the plan was if the Kickstarter got funded but did not exceed the minimum amount asked, and you answered. I wish you and your team the best of look and I look forward to watching the progress of the game. I am really interested in the sandbox market and would love to see more games of that type in the market.

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    Innsbruck, Austria
    The project sounds good! But I have to say I agree with Dane... 30k is very very little for such a project, even though you are right about the user content creation.
    Nevertheless I really hope you get this done! Would be very interesting!
    current project: Son of Nor (action adventure) on KICKSTARTER - follow us on: facebook, twitter
    Looking for help: see www.stillalive-studios.com

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    @DaneCO20 - You don't always have to spend a significant amount of money on marketing. There are a lot of free marketing opportunities available especially once a kickstarter campaign has started. Salary requirements might not be an issue. All the devs might have a stake in the company. Either way, it's a private company and it's their business to do what they wish. If they feel like they can get the game done with 30k then maybe they can. They've obviously done the research.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkhazard View Post
    Either way, it's a private company and it's their business to do what they wish. If they feel like they can get the game done with 30k then maybe they can. They've obviously done the research.
    I never said they couldn't do it, I just stated my opinion and concerns as someone who was interested in backing their project. Private company or not, once you go for crowd funding you should be prepared to answer some questions like these if you want to hit your goal. I don't think I was asking anything unreasonable and I politely apologized if I offended them. Lets not turn this into something it is not.


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    Cincinnati, OH
    First of all, I've noticed some small contributions to our Kickstarter campaign from this community and I wanted to thank you for your support.

    Yes, $30,000 isn't much with regard to the development of a title such as this, however, as our Kickstarter campaign has made clear, our base funding is to launch only one Climate (or zone), with 5 being the goal in meeting our stretch goals. This is absolutely doable based on cost projections for Level Design, Assets, Modeling, Animation, Licenses, Servers etc.

    However, our goal is to launch with more than the first landscape regardless of kickstarter outcome. We are trending towards $60,000 as we are getting approx a grand a day at this point which is great! If we in fact reach that mark, it will make our lives significantly easier and will allow us to get a great deal more done prior to launch.

    Also, with this being a sandbox mmorpg, it will be a work in progress for as long as it's running as we consistently add new area, monsters, items, housing options etc.

    Our goal is to launch with enough content and variety to keep players busy will further building our player base to further add new things to do.

    This is entirely plausible based on what we have accomplished already and our projections in costs to completion based on freelance bids etc.

  15. Hello.
    There are some things that make me feel a bit nervous.
    As you can see, this project have so unnaturally high backers. More bought 2000 reward than minimal one, what the heck?
    That made me think.
    Lets go into the creator facebook:
    http://www.facebook.com/appletonjason - 2400 friends and nearly no likes at his posts ? o-O Looks wierd!
    Lets get into Greed Monger facebook:
    https://www.facebook.com/greedmongermmo - 1200 likes, okay, thats normal but look what. In october they had 3000 - o_O?

    Okay, lets take a look at the other members of their team.
    Well, awansome experience, sad there are no their real names or jobs. Just numbers taken from space.

    But okay, lets guess they are true, the Langlois is truely 10years experienced 3D modeller/Animatour.
    But wait...
    I saw their guy from main logo somewhere...
    http://u3d.as/content/dexsoft-games/...al-citizen/2Ez boom
    Okay, this guy could make it.
    But I saw their other guy somewhere...
    Main building?
    OOKAY! Dexsoft games make this one too, he could be a part of dexsoft games
    Ohai Dragon from main logo!
    Boxes etc.
    Movie 0:49
    Movie: 3:10

    Movie: 2:55

    When you buy it all, you can make same map as they made in 2 hours. They shown nothing more programmed than scripts already definied in unity.

    I am awared thats going be like this:
    They are going to keep pledging their own money, getting into popular games, Kicktraq etc. and gain a momentum where people wil start backing just becouse they are trendy.
    They will gain about 200% money at the end, and just set back their pledges 10 minutes before project ends.
    They will still have moe than 100% becouse of momentum gained with fake facebooks, posts and pledges.
    They wont be able to even start this game, and wtf, even if they would be 100% legal how they can say they can make most advenced MMO in the world for 30k dollars?
    So what? So they will just simply get away with backers money. I could admit this as truely not nice.

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    Cincinnati, OH
    I'm starting to realize who you are.

    We've been through this already. On another site.

    Nothing bad about us buying assets we like and using them in our game. Our Modelers will be supplementing whats needed which is very common.

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    Cincinnati, OH
    I'm not sure why you have begun following us around the web and posting this stuff anywhere you see Greed Monger mentioned. Nothing you point out is a big secret. We've begun development of the game using a lot of great assets from the store. As was pointed out to you in the other site you posted this, it's very common practice in game development, especially indie game development.

    As for my facebook, my facebook friends are primarily fighters, ring girls and mma industry people. It's no surprise they aren't into my game project.

    Here are a couple you left out; https://www.facebook.com/pages/MMA-B...ref=ts&fref=ts
    https://www.facebook.com/mmabigshow?fref=ts (I'm the guy on the left in the photo) I had to setup the fan page because this account couldn't have more than 5,000 friends. There are still over a thousand friend invites in the queue I can't approve due to the limit.

    I have other facebook account as well.
    https://www.facebook.com/bigshow.gym?ref=ts&fref=ts (Thats for the little 24 hour fitness center I own that my wife runs)

    I could go on.

    You did get me on one thing though, my Greed Monger Facebook account. I actually bought a Fiverr job to add some more people to the account figuring I would reach more people. Didnt work out so well. No big deal.

    In any case, I'm not sure why you are trying to cast such a negative light on this project but my only guess is because I'm assuming you have your own project that isn't going so well, perhaps?

    In any case, I wish you the best in your detective training. :P

  18. Around the web? Sorry, first time here, saw someone giving the same daubts at joystiq which gave me my detective job had to do.
    Thanks for facebooks, now I know how you gained that all money that you are pledging yourself lol
    And sadly, I can't run my Kickstarter until it will be avalaible at Germany < jealous sadface>

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    I'm one of the Programmers for Greed Monger. I am really sorry you feel so negatively about our game. Yes we are using models and some game systems (UniStorm) that we have legally bought from the asset store. This community is FULL of talented people that really do a great job at what they do. I can assure you though that the AI you see in those videos are NOT scripts that come with Unity3D. Why can I assure you of that? Because I programmed them my self. In fact the majority of what you see in those videos I my self put together. So with that being said I have to kindly ask you to please stop trying to defame our team! Thanks!

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    Cincinnati, OH
    What do you mean pledging myself?

    What sense would it make for me to pledge money to myself only to give Amazon and Kickstarter 10% of it?

    Your claims are so ridiculous that I can't figure out the logic behind them.

    You are the same guy from joystiq because you have the same grammar. Why are you spending so much time trying to defame our game and my team is beyond me but all I can honestly say is that, it's been good for a laugh in our skype chat.

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