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Thread: Grid in Terrain

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    Grid in Terrain

    Hi everybody,

    I have build a small village with some houses. Now I'm playing with Terrain for a while and what I'm trying to do is placing some plants and flowers along the walls. But even when I have a brush size of 1, the plants and flowers are placed outside and inside the houses. Thats because you have a grid in Terrain and one grid point can both be inside and outsite a house.

    Is it possible to turn off the grid in Terrain?
    Or is Terrain not the right way to place flowers and plants like this?

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    The terrain details aren't very precise. You can control them a little bit by increasing the Detail Map Resolution in the Terrain Settings, but they'll always be sort of random and imprecise. If you want very precise placement of plants like right along the wall, you should probably make the plant its own game object and place it in the scene manually.

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    Ok, I will make game objects.
    I understand that Terrain is for large fields (of course, that's why its called Terrain).

    Thanks for reply.

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    Do note that the details and trees use independent grid sizes from the heightmap so you can actually set the grid size yourself. So even though the actual placement is pseudo random with the right grid size you can control this. Increasing this does of course cost a bit of performance and memory, so depending on your use case controlling this yourself might be better.

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