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    FPS Help

    I am new to Unity 3D. I am trying to make a FPS. When I spawn a First Person Controller, it wont go ON the map, it goes behind the map. Here's a screenshot.

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    If you are using a script to do the spawning and to get the spawn location, make an object that will serve as your spawn point and get it's xyz.

    If you are simply adding an fps controller into the scene, you can grab it and move it around using the move tool ("W").

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    But The fps controller wont go ABOVE the ground.

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    It will if you set its position. If, after you set its position, it snaps back, then you either have an animation or another script affecting its position.

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    Someone come to this link to help me please. I set the position and it becomes bigger than my hole screen. https://secure.join.me/313-665-458

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    Change the import size of the level.

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