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    Slender -- Recruiting to make a more professional version

    As some of you may be aware, I have been recently releasing beta versions of a game I made called 'Slender' (link to the beta thread is here). The game has gotten an unexpected amount of recognition (i.e., went viral), which I have found both exciting and terrifying, since I'm not sure I can get it up to the expectations people have of it all by myself. That's where this recruitment comes in.

    What I'm looking for is to find some programmers and graphics people (more professional than I am) to help me make a higher quality version of the game, with the intent of making something that could be released commercially (at a low price since it's a short game). In particular, I'd like to change the following items:

    1. The enemy's movement in the game only works on a 2D plane, so the entire game map is flat. I'd like to improve the movement so that it works with terrain height changes.
    2. In relation to the previous point, the scripting I'm using to test if the enemy is visible to the player only works if the obstacles are largely vertical (i.e., you can't see his head or feet under or over objects). Something more accurate and absolute would be needed, especially if the terrain is going to have varied height.
    3. More detailed models (in particular, the enemy model needs improvement).
    4. Better special effects (such as 'sharpening' the graphics during an adrenaline rush).
    5. Some sort of random map generator would be ideal, and would improve replay value greatly (as would different map types in general).
    6. Support for achievements (in the case of a Steam or XBLA release).

    I understand this is a lot, and I also don't expect for this to be free. What I'd like to do is find some people willing to help, see how much it will all cost to get this done, and then Kickstarter for the funds (I don't think it will have a problem succeeded since the original game went viral).

    If there is anyone that can help me get this all assembled, I would greatly appreciate it. Please start out posting in this thread, then we can coordinate it over PM or Skype afterwards. Thanks!

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    Champaign, IL
    If I can scrounge up some time, maybe I can assist a little bit with any environment art needs (doesn't seem apparent that you need this, but figured I would offer anyways)

    I did a nature type environment recently in Unity...take a look here: http://georgesokol.blogspot.com/2012...vironment.html

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    UK, Grimsby
    If you are in need of any GUI/Menus please feel free to hit me up.

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    Hi,Im a game programmer for a few years now,
    I would really like to help.


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    Witney, UK
    If you need any help at all, contact me at fjh1616@gmail.com. I can do some modelling, texturing, level design, logos, menus, GUIs etc. I've got quite a few ideas to give you, if you'd like.

    Portfolio in signature.
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    http://fishman92.carbonmade.com/ Portfolio
    Need anything done? Great rates and speedy service. Contact me on skype @fishman.92.

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    Weymouth,Dorset, United Kingdom
    If you need a terrain designer let me know

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    Dear AgentParsec,

    I've recently dropped a few hours at work so i'm free to lend a hand with anything art/design (concept/3d, maps, gui, corporate identity etc)

    I love the game and would love to contribute.

    I've been working with unity for about 5 months so my programming skills need work, though I could lend a hand here and there.

    email: matthew.humphreys.exp@gmail.com

    thanks all

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    Do you still need or want any help with a few models?
    I'd love to help. If you want to know what I'm capable of doing - here's that latest thing I finished that I can show publically: http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/132...te-Contest-WIP

    Please let me know if you're interested.

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    Plymouth, UK
    Hey there.

    I'm an experienced Unity developer and artist, and would absolutely love to work with you on this. I have Unity Pro (and Unity 4 paid for) and some free time. I've sent you some more details in a PM, hope that's okay.



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    Some stuff you can make for the $20 bucks version:

    * If you really want to do quality stuff, don't use Unity's terrain.
    * Get a good artist to build a nice painted modular environment and use occlusion culling.
    * Pay an artist to make a AAA animated enemy. Won't cost much. Even without face, he can still express himself.
    * Get some models of animated trees with "personality". Trees are major actors in your game.
    * Add extra foliage, get packages like Nature Pack on Asset Store, etc.
    * Your game isn't made for mobile, so consider virtual texturing tools like Amplify made by Diogo Teixeira.
    * Grab a good artist who can make normal mapped assets without that very plastic feeling.
    * Buy AAA prop assets to replace those cars and etc, those aren't expensive; there's some cars here.
    * Ask a good artist to add well designed fog and volumetric clouds.
    * Add some weather and post effects.
    * Add more vocal performances for the girl.
    * If money don't stop coming, add a cinematic on start telling how the girl first got there.
    * A good coder can make the game dynamically adapt to low frame-rate issues for players using low-end PCs.
    * Make some longer diary pages outside the game to use as viral and add more depth to the story.

    * Then tell the press about it

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    I have a free week, between two projects.

    I'm a 3D Modeler/Character Artist, and could help with the Enemy Model. I'm also a big fan of the urban legend.
    Here's my portfolio(click here)

    Just E-Mail ( broetchaen@googlemail.com ) me if you like my works, i would love to contribute.



  12. Location
    Plymouth, UK
    Happy to help with modeling!
    I can also texture/rig/animate.. see current WIP.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8lp_Lix_GY



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    Thanks for the replies so far, both in this thread and in PM. I'll be reviewing everything shortly. Please keep in mind that offers to join the team are more likely to be considered if you include some sort of portfolio or examples of your work. A simple "I can help you make terrain" is not going to be enough.

  14. Location
    Land of Sushi and Geisha
    Quote Originally Posted by BrUnO XaVIeR View Post
    * If you really want to do quality stuff, don't use Unity's terrain.
    That's rot! While Unity's terrain engine is outdated, you can still get a lot out of it. All you need is a artist who knows his stuff.

    Oh and if you looking for some nice terrain assets. Try my package

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    This seems like an interesting project. Our team at Previewlabs is specialised in rapid game prototyping. We're surely able to help improve your game. I've sent you a PM.

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    Hello Parsec.
    I love the game that your're working on and it would be Awesome if you could consider me joining the team
    I am good at designing levels and terrains in the unity software.
    I've been working with Unity3d for about a year now and have become very familiar with it.
    I'm currently programming a game for the Android with another 3d modeler and it's going great so far(almost done with it)
    I have alot of free time to be able to help you.

    Here is a video showing something that I made in unity
    and here's a small webplayer demo of some horror game test I did some time ago, it's just a Work in progress so don't expect too much from it

    I also came up with a very simple script that can be made to make a main menu in minutes. here's a quick demonstration of it :

    Here's a picture of a main menu I just quickly made:

    I hope that you don't mind me posting the images here instead of just linking to them, I guessed that then there's was a possibility that you wouldn't see them
    If you want them gone then I shall remove them.

    Email: frankhvidbjerg@gmail.com

    Kind regards.
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  17. Location
    Auckland, NZ
    Hi, enjoyed the game, congrats! I'm an experienced programmer and general Unity dev, and should be available to help over the next few months. Take a look at my portfolio, and get in touch to go over more details. Contact in my sig, or email at eddiec(at)grapefruitgames(dotcom)
    eddie cameron | @eddiecameron | grapefruitgames.com

    > UniGUI | an easy to use, easy to modify, cross-platform GUI <
    > Input VCR | make replaying a player's actions simple <

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    Hi AgentParsec,

    Iím a programmer with a background in web development and computational physics.
    Iíve been using Unity for a year and a half now and would love to take part in your project.

    You can view my portfolio here.

    If youíre interested feel free to drop me an email at crawfishrancher@gmail.com or PM me


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    This definately needed bumping.

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    you're right it does need to be bumped, what happened really. no reply from parsec. I wonder if Slenderman got him...

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