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    Manchester, CT
    Desert Truck, a bit of a Desert Bus clone. Little extras are unlocked when everyone's combined mileage hits certain milestones.

    Paid: http://itunes.apple.com/app/desert-t...408415541?mt=8
    Free: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/deser...409032866?mt=8

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    Fox Tales: Escape From Dr. Goober

    Hi Everyone… I've just completed my new game, "Fox Tales: Escape from Dr. Goober," and it's now live on the iTunes store. The game is free to play, so please grab a copy.

    Use the link bellow to connect to iTunes and download:

    Game Description:
    Help Jack Fox escape the Island of Dr. Goober. This tilt based platform game entails both skill and wit, as players dodge obstacles, and find the right path. Use your skills to unlock harder levels, play with new contraptions, and unlock up to 3 different bonus mini games. Adventure awaits you.
    - Post your high scores on Facebook, with the Facebook button
    - Compare your high scores in GameCenter
    - GameCenter and Facebook requires an active internet connection.

    I hope you enjoy it!!!

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    Toronto, ON

    Beast Farmer 2!!!

    Hey all,

    Just finished my first app with Unity called Beast Farmer 2: Beast's Unleashed!


    Thanks for the support!

    Project Manager - Industrial Bros.

    Our Games

    Beast Farmer 2 - Beasts Unleashed!
    Now Available in the App Store!

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    Lincoln, UK

    TiltStorm Survival

    TiltStorm Survival is the free version of TiltStorm. Originally TiltStorm only had tilt controls, hence the name, but after feedback virtual control options have been added.

    Shooting is automatic, so you only have to move your finger around the dial to move the ship Tempest style is a circle. There are left and right handed options, plus the original tilt as the third way.

    The Survival version only has 1 life per game and adverts (which don't get in the way of the gameplay), but is otherwise the complete game. There are 80 unique levels, but the difficulty still rises beyond there.


    YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FsWwJdT88dc
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    ShootStorm : iOS WP8
    Psychroma : iOS

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    MiniPets Zombie is now live!

    itunes link

    After a year of grueling research by the world's top scientists, we have successfully shrunk a zombie to fit in the palm of your hand. Now you too can have your very own miniature zombie pet. Feed it, play with it, scold it, dress it up, and tend to its ever-changing needs.

    - 38 actions with unique animation and voice makes the zombie come alive. (Well, less dead at least...)
    - Realtime needs that grow over time even when you are logged out.
    - Virtual in-game currency accumulates over time and allows you to buy actions, clothing, and accessories to customize your undead friend.
    - More wacky equipment than you can shake a necrotic limb at.
    - Supports iPhone 4's Retina display for maximum putrid detail.
    - GameCenter achievements will keep you savoring the blight for months.

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  6. Ra_ Ra_ is offline

    Here is my first release for iPhone. I meant for my first game to be a quick learner project, while i did learn alot it was definitely not quick. I have a full time+ job so spare time was hard to come by, but I'm overall happy with the outcome. I don't expect this to be a App Store blockbuster, but I hope to make a little.

    Thanks to Stefmen for doing the art. He also mentioned that the game is a little dark, I'm going to add an extra light source from underneath on my first update.


    App Store Link


    An addictive flying game where you will have to use skill and Strategy to help Mr. Pig escape the farm in the fewest amount of flights in this 3D game. Use rockets, gliders, wagons, slingshots and catapults to advance Mr. Pig farther and farther with each flight.

    How many flights does it take you to escape the farm? Compare your scores with your friends, people in your area and people around the world.

    * Intuitive controls that are easy to use and challenging to master.
    * Unique upgrade and flying system.
    * Fast Action and strategy.
    * Money management is crucial to great score.
    * Colorful 3D game play.
    * High scores and maximum achievement points with OpenFeint.

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    Our very first Unity/ iPhone game : Berzerk Ball !


    Fully 2d game made with Above and Beyond's Sprite Manager 2, Prime31's API and of course, the awesome Unity3d.

    Check out our trailer : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-Wjn...&feature=feedu
    And a cool review from AppSpy : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PZOiRAiWt8

    Or the flash version : http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/556904

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    Happy marriage

    Here is the link:

    (C) 2010 GOU Games.

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    New on AppStore is my Lost Mummy game for iPad and iPhone. Try it out and have fun!


    Everything that can happen, will happen!

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    Castle Siege…Who needs guns when you can hurl huge boulders with a swipe of your finger...


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    eyeSpell / Kubist / Kubist Lite / Castle Siege

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    Buffalo, NY
    I didn't make a game!

    I made an app!

    The app is On and On. It's a three-dimensional music creation space for iPhone/iPod Touch.

    There's only a paid version for now.

    I like music! I like games! I like making both!

    Things I've made with Unity:
    On and On
    foggy fields

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    Tuonela Productions Ltd. is happy to announce that Golems is now officially released and available on Appstore.

    Detailed information can be found from Itunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/the-g...408846920?mt=8

    Thank you for all in the forums for support and guidance.
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    My first AppStore game was released yesterday: Cubenaut

    It's a 3d maze game entirely played in orthographic mode, so there's twists and turns that you can't see unless you twist the map.

    It's free to download, I'm hoping enough people will like it and buy the first level pack which shipped with Cubenaut.

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    Hey Everyone:

    We at Dot Product Studios LLC have completed our first application DPS Defender made with Unity. Thanks to everyone on the forums who helped us in the process. You can download for free by visiting http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dps-d...409486002?mt=8

    Visit our site at www.dotproductstudios.com or e-mail info@dotproductstudios.com for additional information.


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    Dollar Origami in Unity

    We have an app called Balloon Animals 3D

    Have an update live in the app store for a few days now. Added some 3D Dollar Origami instructions to our 3D Balloon Animal instructional app. Check it out!

    Learn more here:


    There is a free version and a paid version

    Free - http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ballo...383063790?mt=8

    Paid - http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ballo...366106264?mt=8

    Could really use some downloads on the paid as we are fighting to stay in a category top 100 for the holiday ratings lock (currently at 99 in Games -> Educational). A few promo downloads would be very helpful. Here are some codes:


    Instructions to use promo codes (if you aren't sure):


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    My second Unity game on the App store.....William Tell Jr.

    Taking the classic tale of William Tell, and putting a slight mouse-like twist on it! You control his son and are tasked with freeing the villagers from the fruit spell the evil emperor Gessler has put on the whole town. Armed with your trusty bow and Plunger, shoot the fruit off the villagers heads to free them from the spell. Aim and clear all 70+ levels including boss fights, bonus rounds and a few surprises. An addicting game that is fun for all ages.

    iTunes Store Link


    View the gameplay trailer here:



    I couldnt have done it without the help from the awesome community on here....thanks a bundle guys!

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    matchPoint Challenge


    Check out the latest release of matchPoint Challenge version 1.20


    We now support the latest newFree and newPaid iTunes RSS feeds for game icons, in addition to in game iPod music controls and custom backdrops.


    iByte Productions is pleased to announce matchPoint Challenge our first game for the App Store.

    It is available free and we hope you will enjoy playing when you have a few minutes to kill and what to see what's currently popular on the App Store . Works best on newer generations of devices.

    iTunesLink - http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=408231195&mt=8

    iTunes description - matchPoint Challenge is a fun and unique way to explore the Apple App Store. Match the "coolest" and the "hottest" icons in a race to beat the clock.

    Test your memory matching skill with application icons from the App Store, then link to the App Store to get more information or buy apps.

    Set your icon refresh cycle to be 30 days, 7 days or even every day. Data is stored on your device not re-downloaded every time you play.

    Change iTunes stores and refresh the icons anytime you want to see what's popular in other stores. Note: you may get app not found message if you view an app description in iTunes when the game is not set to your home country.

    The next version will allow you to select categories (Genres) and new applications in addition to the current topPaid, topFree and topGrossing applications.

    Icons and text displayed in this game are accessed via the iTunes Affiliate RSS feeds and are used according to that program.

    iByte Productions Web Site - http://www.ibyteproductions.com/index.html

    This game was born from the iPhone Match sample app from Unity3d.com (http://unity3d.com/support/resources/example-projects/iphone-examples).

    While being just about as simple of a game as you can get it was also a wonderful learning experience. Some frameworks that we incorporated were

    1) EZ GUI
    2) Prime31 Plugins (Mobclix and Etcetera)
    3) UnityFSM
    4) Implemented SQLite for DB access
    5) Implemented an Objective C plugin to generate textures from information downloaded and stored in the database.

    App Store notes: Submited for Approval Dec 20th, in review December 22nd, approved and available December 23rd

    Update: made into the New and Noteworthy sections for Family and Puzzle games in Australia, Canada, Columbia, Mexico and the US

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    Thanks for all the support from this forum.

    Happy Holidays everyone.

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