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    Baltimore MD USA

    GobbleGator HD (iPad)

    GobbleGator HD is live for the iPad
    Released April 28th

    Enter the fully 3D jungle of GobbleGator HD. This isn't just a port of an iPhone game to the iPad. This new iPad version brings you 4 player action with Team play options Free For all, along with 3 Player, 2 Player, Solo modes, and Player vs CPU modes.

    The Gators are hungry hungry and want to eat some ducks. Tap your Gator and help him eat as many ducks as he can before your opponent gets them! Or team up with your friend and get those ducks together!

    iTunes link

    Youtube link

    Half Fast Games

    GobbleGator / Tiki 10 Pin / Bella Boo

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    San Francisco, CA

    Tucker Ray in: Rednecks vs. Zombies

    Tucker Ray In: Rednecks vs. Zombies is now available for $.99 in the App Store. An action-packed romp through the namesake character’s undead-infested trailer park, this comical dual-stick shooter follows loveable redneck Tucker Ray as he tries his dardnest to rescue his sweetheart Bobby Sue from the undead horde (armed only with a shotgun…and unlimited ammo…and occasionally an exploding squirrel launcher).

    The action-packed celebration of redneck resilience features three huge levels, five inspired zombies, and a few zombie-ass-kickin’ weapons to aid Tucker in his quest. Along the way, our hillbilly hero will pick up Firepower Beer bottlecaps, trucker hats and other power-ups. And he’s gonna need them, because if he makes it through the trailer park and farmland infestation, he’ll find himself up against a boss fight unlike anything else on the iPhone – Undead Betty: a foul-lookin’, cigarette-smokin’, redneck-killin’ beast of a dead lady.

    “Zombies love brains – that’s a universal fact. So it’s a bit ironic that these zombies have risen in a place where, frankly, there aren’t a lot of brains to be found,” said Joseph Walters, co-founder of Frozen Giant and lead developer of Tucker Ray In: Rednecks vs. Zombies. “But what Tucker Ray may lack in zombie-sustaining bbbrrraaaiiinnnsss, he makes up for in heart – and buckshot.”

    Pick it up here:

    Check out the trailer here:
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    Salt Lake City, Utah

    My Game

    My iPhone game Drop Revenge hit the stores recently. Sales shooting up like crazy (to my suprise)! Thanks to all the unity community who helped me learn!

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    Smash Hammer 9000

    Test if your power is over 9000

    But don't break your iphone!! :P

    Check the official website Here
    Appstore Link Here
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    Toronto, Ontario
    Giant Moto v1.1 is now available on the App Store. The new update includes 4 new tracks plus a few bug fixes and improvements.

    See 1 of the new tracks in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYBTBejHFFs

    2 of the new tracks:

  6. Teo Teo is offline

    House Racers iPhone version is now in App Store!


    Website: http://www.dreamlandgate.com/houseracers.html
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    Bratislava, Slovakia


    AirAttack for iPhone - is classic air combat shooter with superb graphics alongside great audio and effects, with destructible bridges and buildings, numerous upgrades and special weapons

    AppStore Link
    YouTube Video
    Art in Games WebSite

    Thanks to Unity staff for a very nice engine.
    Thanks to Unity users for a friendly community.
    Special thanks to spacefrog.

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    Vienna, Austria

    that looks totally awesome...
    just wondering:
    As in germany + austria (my place) it's illegal even in games to display any kind of symbol of Nazism ( the "Hakenkreuz" on the zeppelin for example), i wonder what's the legal apsect on this. Think about id's/Ravens Wolfenstein 2009 - they had to comletly remove it from the marketshelfes after they missed to remove one small symbol in the german version...
    I was perfectly able to download the game in Austria's appstore. But i wonder if any third person would prepare legal steps, they would target you (or your company) or Apple . Just curious, and don't be afraid, i will not do this

    EDIT: ah - just saw you are sitting in slovakia, so we are neighbours really
    EditPolyNC (3ds Max2011-2013): Caddyless EPoly recompiles Free DL (The Area)
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    Josef Wienerroither | 3D & Coding Freelance | Tweak Freak
    3ds Max | Unity Pro | Unity iPhone Pro |
    Unity Android Pro | C++ | C# | AS3
    W7 x64 | Quad Xeon X3350 | 8GB | 275GTX | Mac Mini
    Note: my website is a mess

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    San Diego, CA
    We are happy to announce that our miniture RTS Starcraft like game for the iPhone/iPod touch is out on the App Store!

    App Store Link:

    Armada is a 3D online multi-player miniature RTS (Real Time Strategy) designed specifically for the iPhone, iPod touch. The game is built specifically to play online against other live players. It is designed to host quick intensive battles lasting 5-10minutes. Quick battles leaving you wanting for more!

    There are no requirements of building any buildings to obtain certain units. Only thing required is collecting resources from the crystals to gain AP to launch units directly into battle instantly.

    The game's strategy is based on how good you are at positioning your units and countering attacks/launching attacks.

    There are three types of unit classes:
    Mechs, Tanks and Ships.

    Mechs are good at taking down a fleet of ships since they are cheaper to make and you can deploy more vs ships.

    Tanks are good at countering a fleet of mechs but cannot hit ships.

    Ships are good at countering tanks since they cannot hit ships.

    Each unit has different attack power, hit points, attack reload speed, mobility speed, armor and sight range.

    Positioning of your units play a huge role in the game.

    Current Game: Zombies and Humans
    Games Released: Pixel Stream Games
    Twitter: @designxtek

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    The HD version of Roswell Fighter is out right now!

    and one screenie from the game:

    Roswell Fighter - out now!
    visit: www.gamelab.eu

  11. Unity Product Evangelist
    San Francisco CA USA
    It's been a while since I posted in this thread but I wanted to take a moment and offer some kudos to all of you folks, thanks for all the cool games!
    Tom Higgins - Product Evangelist at Unity Technologies ApS
    unity3d.com | answers | blogs | feedback

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    Some outstanding work on this page alone! I've tried AirAttack so far and it is superb! Nice job to all! I will try the others as well

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    Daredevil Dave: Motorcycle Stuntman!

    Finally accepted after 5 days "In Review"! Daredevil Dave crashes into the App Store. Combines ragdoll physics and high speed, high flying motorcycle action!

    The video explains it all.


    Ragdoll physics mixed with high speed and high flying motorcycle action!

    There is more info on the website:

    You win prize money for completing each jump, and you must pay for your injuries if you crash.

    Online leaderboards for the worst crash and most successful tour $core...using AGON.

    Special thanks to the Unity forum members. Without you guys this would have been impossible for me!

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    Los Angeles
    @Schplurg - Cool looking game. Great concept!
    Are you actually calculating things like velocity changes for the impacts on the ragdoll joints to determine the medical bills?

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    Extreme Sports Kayaking is out

    Hi Everyone,

    Extreme Sports Kayaking made it's way to the App Store today. I have some training material being built around the game as well that should be complete this summer. This is my first effort in Unity, second app on the store.

    iTunes link:


    More images and video on my website...

    Games: Pachinko Puzzle, Extreme Sports Kayaking

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    Quote Originally Posted by patch
    @Schplurg - Cool looking game. Great concept!
    Are you actually calculating things like velocity changes for the impacts on the ragdoll joints to determine the medical bills?
    Yes I am. The injuries are not random and are determined by the physics engine. Which body part is impacted and how hard.

    By the way, Daredevil Dave is now featured on iTunes in New And Noteworthy!!!


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    Baltimore MD USA


    Congrats schplurg! lots of great unity games getting featured lately!
    Half Fast Games

    GobbleGator / Tiki 10 Pin / Bella Boo

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    Hi Everyone,

    This is my first real game release, using Unity for the iPhone.

    Attack Of The Mutant Zombie Laser Shark vs The Angry Piranha
    (bit of a long title, should have nipped it a bit)

    The aim of the game is to Eat People and defeat the ever increasing barrage of sea enemies, what out for the Big Bad Guy....lots of blood and bones crunching )))

    I added Agon Online scores, and everything works well.
    Thanks to everyone on these forums for sharing and helping others, anything is possible now!!!!!

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