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    Perth, Australia
    Quote Originally Posted by rusty
    Does anyone know roughly the amount of games you must be selling to be in the top 100? Does apple publish this info anywhere? All these games are an inspiration kudos on the hard work!
    Not a Unity game, but this is the best in-depth look at stats for a recent #1 game (a must read for anyone developing apps!):

    ‘Flight Control’ Sales Stats Offer Fascinating Look At Inner Workings Of The iPhone App Store
    Simon Edis - Ezone.com

    Unity iPhone Games: Diversion | Crazy Snowboard | Turkey Blast Reloaded | Scarecrow | Galactic Gunner

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    Pocket Puppy Raiser



    Im going to get started on a lite version as soon as I get a new mac! (my old one was my ex-fiance's, cant really use it anymore)

    The price is high for what you get, but the company i made it for set it that high.

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    We released Athanos a week ago.
    Not bad selling until now!

    I put a 1.1 upgrade on the appStore yesterday (So, next week!) i recompiled it with the 1.02 upgrade of Unity and that solved all my crashs issues. Thanks for that guys ;o)
    We also totaly rebuild the sound environment as we wanted and now it works perfectly.


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    MonkeeDoo! just released

    MAY 6, 2009

    MonkeeDoo! just released: New iPhone game will make you go Bananas!

    Wednesday May 6, 2009 – Atomic Pistol is pleased to announce the release of Monkee-Doo! for the iPhone, merging classic arcade game play with brilliant 3D graphics.

    Pick up all the stars! Using the built-in iPhone accelerometer, help Monkee-Doo collect all of the golden stars and put them back where they belong. Sounds easy, right? Be careful – there are roving enemies, slippery banana peels, and moving space platforms that MonkeeDoo must avoid in order to complete the level. But don’t worry: Atomic Pistol gives user’s a head start with their colorful “Flight School” interactive tutorial, a fail-proof training level, and a little incentive: the faster Monkee-Doo collects the stars, the more points you’ll gain for your time bonus!

    Monkee-Doo! is a truly unique gaming experience complete with original soundtrack, state of the art physics, and incredible real-time 3D graphics.

    MonkeeDoo! contains fifteen entertaining levels to help users hone their skills while providing the perfect mix of entertainment and challenge. Each level adds more surprises and navigation puzzles for the user to solve in order to collect the stars help Monkee-Doo reach the next level.


    MonkeeDoo! was developed by Atomic Pistol Interactive using the Unitiy development platform. It is is available for purchase on the iPhone App store for $1.99.

    About Atomic Pistol:
    Founded in 2007, we specialize in delivering high impact web, PC and console games.

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    Brits, South Africa

    Cutout Heroes

    Hia all

    The latest Unity App to grace the iTunes shop is called Cutout Heroes. Live as of yesterday.

    Have a go and let me know what you think, please
    Cutout Heroes: The making of a Ninja

    I would love to get some feedback from you all..!

    Hope you enjoy it

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    Sacramento, CA


    Hi All,

    My first game for the iPhone was released on iTunes.


    Check out my website at www.binaryfate.com for videos and screenshots.

    Thanks and enjoy,

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    Crepe Madness

    My first game ... ever ...
    Took me three weeks while learning the basics of Unity, and Cheetah 3D also. Only thing I knew was C≠, so I'm pretty happy with what I got made in three weeks part time after work, and now I'm working on the blockbuster


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    Domino Domino

    Domino Domino


    Basically this is your classic setup a domino run and them let them tumble down.

    For anyone that remembers Domino Rally (80's) we took some inspiration from the pre made objects they had and added prefabs for stairs, bridges, slides and a mouse trap.

    You have to check out the YouTube video to really get a feel for it:

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    fayju ball

    fayju ball : 50 level puzzle game


    video on blog:
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    space survivor

    space survivor episode 01

    itunes :

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    Brits, South Africa

    Second release

    Hi all

    This is to announce the release of my second Unity game on iTunes...


    Cutout Heroes: Hangman is the second in the series of games featuring the lovable but inept character Nin the ninja.

    This game sees him goofing off and playing Hangman before he receives his first mission...

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    Official Webpage

    Promo Video

    Game Play Video

    It's out !!!!!

    Itunes Link


    I have a handful of promo codes I would like to hand out to people that are into games like this and would be willing to play and put up a truthful review on ITunes for us.

    Unfortunately I only have a few to hand out and will be doing so as a first come basis.

    If you are interested in this please send me a PM thanks.

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    Germany (Bavaria)

    Physix Lite is now available on the App Store.

    It's a free demo version of the game Physix with one of the three games included in the full version.

    Give it a try and write honest reviews (also for Physix when you like )


    Life's like a game we just have to play it.
    visit: www.michaelwuehrer.com

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    São Paulo, SP


    The game Papercraft is now available on the apple store! I've created a thread on the forum for advices about how to make the v2.0 better than it is.

    Thanks for your support!
    []s Chips
    "A programmer always having fun!"

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    Stock Boy Stanley In: Warehouse Trouble

    Hello All;

    We are super excited to announce our first iPhone title Stock Boy Stanley In: Warehouse Trouble, which is now released and ready for sale on the App Store.

    NOW AVAILABLE! - http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/M...316119483&mt=8




    The warehouse auto stacker has gone crazy and is tossing crates at Stanley. Help him escape the loading area pit, by building a crate staircase to freedom. However be careful how you stack the crates, some of the merchandise is fragile, or you may be in a world of trouble.

    You take control of Stanley in this fast paced puzzle platformer, how long can you survive?

    NOW AVAILABLE! - http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/M...316119483&mt=8

    Thanks for checking out our little game.

    Steve Adamson
    Gear Worx Productions Inc.
    Game Ready Art .Com
    Follow Us On Twitter:

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