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    Checking variable conditions between seperate script files.

    Hi there!

    Here is what I am wanting info on, I have two scripts, a c# script and a js script. I want to be able to check the condition of a variable from the c# cript, but call that from within the js script.

    so here's what i have going on : in the c# script there is a variable called destroyed that gets set to true when a gameobject is destroyed. what i want to do from the js script is check that that variable destroyed has been set to true, and then do something. here's what i'm thinking

    1. if (GetComponent<AmmoScript>().destroyed = true;) {

    is this the correct way to check a variable from an outside script? AmmoScript.cs is the name of the script that has "destroyed" that i want to check on.

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    hah ok that's definitely not it.....

    if (GetComponent.AmmoScript.destroyed == true)

    is closer to being correct.... but just gives me an error that it doesn't know what the heck AmmoScript is.

    how to i tell it that i am looking for a script, anyone?
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    this closer still?

    1. var ammoScript = GetComponent<AmmoScript>();
    2.     if (ammoScript.destroyed == true){
    3. yaddayadda
    4. }

    is it a problem that i'm trying to check a variable in a c# script from within a js script? this is proving to be a pain.
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    1. var other : AmmoScript;
    2.     other = GetComponent("AmmoScript");
    3.     if (other.destroyed == true)
    4.         {
    6.                 Vector.DestroyLine(pathLine);
    7.             }

    this almost works..... but error of " the name AmmoScript does not denote a valid type, not found.

    close...... is anybody out there?

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    GameObject.SendMessage? i have no idea how to use that. at all man.

    i'm looking for a little more help than that, it's obvious i have no idea what i'm doing here. so i'm looking for an example or something. a script reference.

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    As far as I know C# and JS files can't read eachother so you cant use the GetComponent and need to use a SendMessage or you have to convert one of your scripts to C# or JS.

    For SendMessage you need to create a function in the ammoScript that sets destroyed to true and then use sendmessage to actually run that function. Like this:

    1. gameObject.SendMessage("FunctionName", functionParameter);

    The gameObject here should be the one with the ammoScript on it.
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    funtion name and function parameter would be.......... the name of the function i want to send it to..... er...?

    i just want to send the value of the variable destroyed to the other script. or read it somehow. what a frikn pain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lwaarbroek View Post
    As far as I know C# and JS files can't read eachother so you cant use the GetComponent and need to use a SendMessage or you have to convert one of your scripts to C# or JS.
    Can nobody read the documentation? I even linked the exact page...

    In order for scripts to know about a script of another language, they need to be compiled in a specific order.

    If you want your .js file to know about your .cs file, you need to place the .cs file inside the "Standard Assets" or "Plugins" folder. Note that the .js file cannot be in these folders, or you will run into the same problem again.

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    ok i'm another step closer with putting the c# script in standard assets. thanks. still not getting results out of it though. no errors, but no action...

    in my c# script i declare a variable "public bool destroyed"

    then later on in the same c# script the variable gets set to true.

    1. if ((Time.time-stationaryTime) > 1.0f)
    2.             {
    3.                 destroyed = true;
    4.                 Destroy(gameObject);
    6.             }

    in my js script i am using this to check to see if destroyed is true, and then i destroy the trajectory path that is drawn behind the ammo object

    1.     var other : AmmoScript;
    2.     other = GetComponent("AmmoScript");
    3.     if (other.destroyed == true)
    4.         {
    6.                 Vector.DestroyLine(pathLine);
    7.             }

    only the path does not get destroyed when the gameobject is destroyed.

    is other.destroyed checking the variable name destroyed??? i set it to true when the object is destroyed so this should be working ..... but not yet. this should be working right?

    for instance if i change the conditions like this "if (other.destroyed != true)" the line is then destroyed (before it's even drawn) so..... it's acting like destroyed does not get set to true ... although it definitely is.
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    argh, so yeah when i use Debug.Log (destroyed); it does return true in the log window............

    so i'm somehow not checking that variable correctly with "if (other.destroyed == true)"

    here's the c# script that i declare the variable in, just to show what is happening in that script, and that the variable is definitely getting set.

    1. using UnityEngine;
    2. using System.Collections;
    4. public class AmmoScript : MonoBehaviour {
    6.     private float stationaryTime;
    7.     public bool bHasBeenShot;
    8.     public bool bHasShouted;
    9.     public AudioClip boing;
    10.     public AudioClip yipee;
    11.     public AudioClip woohoo;
    12.     public int AudioFile;
    13.     public int BounceAudioFile;
    14.     public AudioClip[] BounceAudioList;
    15.     public AudioClip[] AudioList;
    16.     private AudioSource audioSource;
    17.     public bool destroyed;
    20.     // Use this for initialization
    21.     void Start () {
    22.         bHasBeenShot = false;
    23.         bHasShouted = false;
    24.         audioSource = GetComponent<AudioSource>();
    25.     }
    27.     void OnCollisionEnter(Collision collision) {
    28.         audioSource.Stop();
    29.         BounceAudioFile = Random.Range(0,BounceAudioList.Length);
    30.         audio.clip = BounceAudioList[BounceAudioFile];
    31.         audio.Play ();
    32.         //audioSource.clip = boing;
    33.         //audioSource.Play();
    34.     }
    35.     // Update is called once per frame
    40. void Update () {
    41.         if (bHasBeenShot && !bHasShouted)
    42.         {
    43.             destroyed = false;
    44.             bHasShouted = true;
    45.             //audioSource.Stop();
    47.             AudioFile = Random.Range(0,AudioList.Length);
    48.             audio.clip = AudioList[AudioFile];
    49.             audio.Play();
    50.             //audioSource.clip = (Random.value > 0.5f) ? yipee : woohoo;
    51.             //audioSource.Play();
    52.         }
    54.         if (bHasBeenShot && rigidbody.velocity.magnitude < 0.2f)
    55.         {
    56.             // Don't update the stationary time
    57.             if ((Time.time-stationaryTime) > 1.0f)
    58.             {
    59.                 destroyed = true;
    60.                 Destroy(gameObject);
    61.                 Debug.Log (destroyed);
    62.             }
    63.         }
    64.         else
    65.         {
    66.             stationaryTime = Time.time;
    67.         }
    68.     }
    69. }

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    1) Define a static variable
    2) cache the reference component in the start function (so in start do the getcomponent), then get your variable
    3) if its a manager type of object create a singleton

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    well, here's the script (js) that is using getcomponent to check that variable from within the cs script.......... i thought that's pretty much what i'm doing.... i don't need to bother with singletons, the object is already being instanced.. is my issue just because getcomponent is not in the start function? right now i call getcomponent in the custom function below it . shouldn't be there?

    1. var lineMaterial : Material;
    2. var maxPoints = 500;
    3. var continuousUpdate = true;
    4. var ballPrefab : GameObject;
    6. //var force = 16.0;
    8. private var pathLine : VectorLine;
    9. private var pathIndex = 0;
    10. private var pathPoints : Vector3[];
    12. function Start () {
    13.     pathPoints = new Vector3[maxPoints];
    14.     pathLine = new VectorLine("Path", pathPoints, lineMaterial, 12.0, LineType.Continuous);
    16.     var ball = ballPrefab;
    17.     //ball.useGravity = true;
    18.     //ball.AddForce (ball.transform.forward * force, ForceMode.Impulse);
    20.     SamplePoints (ball.transform);
    21. }
    23. function SamplePoints (thisTransform : Transform) {
    24.     var running = true;
    25.     while (running) {
    26.         pathPoints[pathIndex] = thisTransform.position;
    27.         if (++pathIndex == maxPoints) {
    28.             running = false;
    29.         }
    30.         yield WaitForSeconds(.05);
    32.         if (continuousUpdate) {
    33.             DrawPath();
    34.         }
    36.     var other : AmmoScript;
    37.     other = GetComponent("AmmoScript");
    38.     if (other.isDestroyed == true)
    39.         {
    41.                 Vector.DestroyLine(pathLine);
    42.             }
    44.     }
    45. }
    47. //function OnGUI () {
    48.     //if (GUI.Button(Rect(10, 10, 100, 30), "Draw Path")) {
    49.         //DrawPath();
    50.         //Vector.DestroyLine(pathLine);
    52.     //}
    53. //}
    55. function DrawPath () {
    56.     if (pathIndex < 2) return;
    57.     pathLine.maxDrawIndex = pathIndex-1;
    58.     Vector.DrawLine (pathLine);
    59.     Vector.SetTextureScale (pathLine, 1.0);
    60. }

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    are both these scripts on the same game object?

    Now I do not have skype I dont like Skype but I had to break down and start using it

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    DanielQuick gave you the correct answer to your question in the very first response to this thread.

    You're not able to reference the type of the class because your JS class has not been compiled at the time your C# class is compiled. The workaround is to move the JS file to an earlier compile step - for instance by moving it into standard assets.

    You almost had it when you moved the C# file earlier, only you moved the wrong file.

    An even better answer to all of this is: Avoid mixing JS and C# in a project. While workarounds are possible, mixing will only lead to unproductive headaches.
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    yes, attached to the same object king

    ant - well it's just the variable "destroyed" that's not really working (at least when checked to see if it's true), for instance i can check another variable in the c# script like.... if (bHasShouted == true){ destroy line here }

    then it does in fact destroy the line. so yes, communicating between the two is working.... just for some reason checking destroyed is not working.
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    You're setting destroyed to true and then destroying the object itself. Therefore, if destroyed is ever true then the object is already gone and the code in your conditional wouldn't execute anyway.
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    i did just fix it like so :

    if (other.bHasBeenShot && rigidbody.velocity.magnitude < 0.2f) {
    destroy path here;

    how could i go about adding an additional 5 second timer to that list of conditions before it's destroyed? so if (other.bHasBeenShot && rigidbody.velocity.magnitude < 0.2f && add an additional 5 seconds here)

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    and in case you gentlemen want to see what this is all doing in action, here is a youtube vid of this trajectory feature added to my game :


    game is called redneck toss : angry rednecks vol. 1 oh yeah, i went there. hah

    highly modified version of gnome toss as you can see.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AngryAnt View Post
    The workaround is to move the JS file to an earlier compile step - for instance by moving it into standard assets.
    Moving a script into standard assets makes it compile earlier? I never knew this, nor do I understand how to use this knowledge to my advantage.
    Laying down the framework for my new game project now.

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