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    Free Unity Resources

    I've put up a new site to demo some Unity projects of mine. As you'll notice, the web site is a work in progress and not all pages are done. I've also decided to put up some Unity projects that are a good start for any project. The idea is to share some assets, some Unity scenes w/scripts and working functionality.

    You can find it all at: http://www.fatboxsoftware.com/ - Go under the Resources tab for the freebies.

    I'll be putting up a tank demo project today and a 3d driving truck game demo. There are some particle FX in there as well. Enjoy and make sure to comment if you don't understand some aspect of the setup in these projects.

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    Thanks for making these available, James.

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    Added in an entire project with a full track level and a fully driveable off-road truck. This project comes with a .txt file describing the setup inside of the main scene, so you can understand what is doing what via scripts, etc. You can even play the webplayer before you decide if you can use it. It's decent off-road physics with models built to iPhone spec.

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    Thanks a lot... Very useful !!!


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    You're welcome..I'll be putting more up this weekend.

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    Thanks for these free resource, they will be very useful.
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