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Thread: Decal System

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    Decal System

    The Decal System and Decal System Pro allow you to project selected parts of materials onto existing geometry. It has been designed to be intuitively usable and highly configurable at the same time.

    Main Features
    - Outstanding editor integration
    - Draw call optimization
    - Lightmapping and LOD support

    Pro Features
    - Vertex Colors
    - Texture Atlas Assets
    - Affect Detail

    The newest versions of the Decal System require Unity 4. You find an older version here:
    Decal System 1.2.1 for Unity 3.x

    More Videos

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    Really nice man, just saw the video... and free is totally nice too XD
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    saudia arabia
    am i reading right ? Free ?
    thank you so much

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    Really nice work
    Free Game Graphics, Freeware Games http://www.reinerstilesets.de
    Die deutsche 3D Community: http://www.3d-ring.de

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    Missouri, USA
    Looks really nice Dantus!

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    Thanks for all the positive feedback and it has not even been released

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    Looking forward to test it.

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    Awesome! Will be sure to donate after I get a chance to play with it.

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    Great, such a lot of posts...

    @nuverian: Mesh based decals were always computationally expensive and will always be. I did my best to optimize it and there is certainly always room for improvements. In the case that it is not fast enough - and there will always be scenes for which this is true - you can deactivate the Interactive Update and manually update the projectors.

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    edit: Whoops, I missed the part where my question was answered in the first post.
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    So the question is.... how many draw calls? Is it one per mesh? If you use the same texture for each mesh, is it only one draw call for all of them? Is this better or worse than the bootcamp decal system? Can you position, rotate and scale the decals through script during runtime? It looks awesome by the way!
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    @macdude2: Have a look at the introduction video. At 9:40 there is an explanation about the mesh creation and draw calls.
    I made some comparison with the Bootcamp implementation. What I can say is that the Decal System uses less memory and produces less geometry. On the other hand it was also slightly slower.
    It works at runtime and the project also contains a very simple implementation to demonstrate that. You can nearly to the same at runtime with scripting as can be done in the editor.

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    Added a download link in the first post while it is not available in the Asset Store.

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    Just tried it out... excellent job! It will work perfectly for my upcoming project. I was trying to use the one from the bootcamp demo, but I think yours works a ton better. Love the UI and thanks so much for making it free.
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    @macdude2: Great you like it! Don't forget to rate, as soon as it is in the Asset Store

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