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    Canada, Québec, Gatineau
    Wow ! nice job mate

    Could you post some of your asset meshes, polycount, textures etc ..

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    Thanks for all the encouraging comments.

    @Bensch We are working on the animation system to get that better looking, one of the things we are doing is just looking at implementing some ik system for legs and arms.

    @feloxy We can defenetly post some of our assets but we have over 16Gb so... Any requests?

    A regular day at the office here at Three Gates:

    Best regards,

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    Visby, Sweden
    Haha, nice video! Keep 'em coming!

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    We had no choice but to keep working on the physics, especially with Unity 4.0 on its way.

    Here's our latest field update!

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    Hey Unity gals and guys.

    We just finished our kickstarter goal, with Unity anything is possible!

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    Cheonan, S. Korea
    Congratulations, I'll be keeping tabs on this project.
    Laying down the framework for my new game project now.

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    New Hampshire
    Quote Originally Posted by Jona Marklund View Post
    Hey Unity gals and guys.

    We just finished our kickstarter goal, with Unity anything is possible!

    Congratulations! Best of luck on your future endeavors!

    Want an easy way to boot Linux from a USB drives on Mac? Like, you don't need to install or change a thing easy? I thought so. Try Mac Linux USB Loader!
    (And the forum thread)

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    Congratz guys. I just Pledged yesterday because i was worried you were going to fall just short. Glad to see i was wrong.

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    Congrats! I pledged about three weeks ago when I seen the project. I am actually doing something similar but I felt it would hypocritical if I didn't support your project. I started my project because I really wanted a game where customization was a huge part of the experience. I feel customization helps players become more immersed in the world by being unique. When I seen your project, I was really excited since you have such a great foundation and a strong team established. I am glad Kickstarter worked for your team and I wish you guys the best of luck!

    I am glad to see that a studio is trying new things,

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    Congratulations glad you guys made it , happy for you , best luck on the release

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    Thanks to all of you!

    And good luck with your own project Dane!

    Here's a short Video from the coder behind our level editor and randomization system!

    If you have any questions we're always hovering around the Unity forum as well as http://forum.threegates.se/

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    Final stretch goal reached and time is up, thanks to everyone who've checked the project out.

    As per request we will see if we're able to show off some more Unity dev related things soon (however the game also needs to be finished, so it might not be until after that.)

    Keep your dreams alive!

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    Here is a web build of our weather system.

    We started with UniSky and then heavily modded it.

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    Hey everyone,

    we've just arrived at Greenlight, please give us a fave and a thumbs up!


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    Hey Unity Forumers,

    We've just uploaded a preview of our Character Creator, check it out!

    We'll be holding a small contest around it soon as well, I'll let you know when that starts!

    Character Creator

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    Ormond Beach, FL
    @Jona - Great looking project. You really put together a high quality Kickstarter, awesome that it went above and beyond expectations. I'm amazed you guys could afford to make a game of this caliber with only $25,000...it's awesome you got a bit more. As a developer myself, I understand how expensive projects can be to develop. Keeping scope and teams small definitely probably helps you guys keep the budget under reigns. I will say though you guys have packed a LOT into the scope of the game (which is always great). Kudos to the artists and coders responsible for the UI elements and the environments...they look exceptional.

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    @James - Thanks for the kind words, it is indeed always hard to keep things on budget, the kickstarter definitely... kicked in at the right time!
    I'll pass on the credit where it is due, the Char Editor will be improved a lot as far as aesthetics are concerned, the current morph-targets etc are just there to make sure the tech works haha.

    Good Luck in your future endeavors as well!

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    Legends of Aethereus is a 3D free to play MMORPG by ThreeGates.

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    New York City, The Bronx
    Wow just wow, haven't seen a game made in unity look that good since.... well forever. Awesome job man keep up the Great Work!!!
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    Egypt <-> China
    good project & glad to find Kickstarter funded you as you like

    what is better than making a game !?
    Check My Games !

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