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    Portland, OR

    Made it to the #1 game spot on the Mac App Store

    I just wanted to thank everyone on this forum and the Unity community for all the help and encouragement over the past year. Our game has just been released on the Mac App Store and has reached the #1 game spot this weekend.


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    Great news—an encouragement to all of us developing Unity-powered games. Congratulations! =)
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    Congratulations, how does that translate into sales.

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    Portland, OR
    Thanks! The sales are nothing spectacular, it's probably similar to reaching the top 25 games on the iPAd or the top 50 on the iPhone. Still, it's enough that a week of sales could keep you developing for a few months full time. I guess the Mac App store audience is much much smaller than iOS, but at the same time that means less competition. And the other top game (that is now back to being #1) looks like it was also developed with Unity. One of the top grossing games "Uberstrike" is also a Unity game.

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    Not that much of an increase; wow, that comes as a major surprise to me. When you say enough to keep dev up for a few months—do you mean for one person, or for a team with x number of members?

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    Congratulations, well done!
    Indeed the Unity community is very supportive.

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    Portland, OR
    One person, possibly longer when fed with a 100% ramen noodle diet

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    Is it illegal to say exactly how much you made or something?
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    Portland, OR
    nope, I would just rather not share sales figures.

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    Montreal, QC Canada
    Are you also an Android? If so how have you noticed the sales there compared to apple? Is this your first released title? If not have you tried a free 2 play model as well, I'd be interested to see the difference in ARPU between f2p and pay 2 play. Was it just your game style that didn't work with f2p or ...? What was your motivation with going pay 2 play instead of f2p with microtransactions?
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    Portland, OR
    Hi ironbelly,

    No, not on Android yet... with the unity Android pro license being $1500, it's something I'm avoiding at the moment.

    Yes, this is my first title, but originally released on iPad a year ago.

    No, haven't tried F2P with this game. At the time of the original release I was really new to development anyways and didn't want to try and learn the F2P game, and the amount of content available for the game doesn't warrant in-app purchases yet. Eventually I'm going to make a few mission packs that will be paid.

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