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Thread: Memory Warnings

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    Memory Warnings

    HI there,
    I am just wondering about memory warnings.

    -> force accelerometer registration
    2012-06-01 12:21:48.632 bVd[992:707] Received memory warning.
    WARNING -> applicationDidReceiveMemoryWarning()
    brnManager: choseBrain();

    was recieved, in my XCode console. So, I am just wondering, since the last line is aline in my scripts, can I isolate the memory issue to that point?

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    I'm not a expert, but I believe the typical memory warning above is no big deal, just means the os will shut down other programs. If you get a "Level 2" warning, that one you need to pay attention to and your real close to getting your own program shut down. Maybe someone else will chime in with more info

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    Fyi, I also had few of those with no reason while testing our recent app... A shutdown & reboot solved that for me on my test device (iPad 1).
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    Toronto, Canada

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