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    Inspector window issue

    Haven't come across any info on this, but I apologize in advance if this is a know issue somewhere.

    I've been using 3.4 and just updated to 3.5, and I'm having issues with the Inspector window not appearing to update. I will click a field to change a value, and the window will "freeze up" appearing that nothing has been changed, or turn solid gray. They only way to see that a change has been made, or be able to edit another field, is to undock the window and manually resize it, forcing an update. I have also been able to have it update by clicking a few other objects, and then going back to the original object.

    Has anyone else seen this sort of behavior before, and can offer a solution? To clarify, this isn't an issue like the values being changed and reverting once play has stopped, it's simply locking up/blanking out the inspector window.

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    For which kind of components does this happen? Does it happen with the transform values too (position, rotation, scale)? Or does it only happen with scripts that are not directly bundled with Unity?

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    transforms, positions, you name it. every time i change a value, i have to resize the window, makes it really time consuming

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    I never had this kind of problem so far. Could you explain step by step what you are doing, such that it can be reproduced?

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    sure. I click on a cube, then i click on a field in the inspector window, such as the X position, press a number to change the value, and the inspector window turns solid white/grey. it seems to accept the change, but in order to restore the inspector window, i need to resize it, or dock/undock it


    issue in action
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    Do you have any plugins that do weird custom inspector stuff, like PlaymodePersist?

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    none, it's a clean install, only installed it recently

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    I know this kind of issue from other applications. It may be a graphics card driver issue. Maybe a driver update helps. But you should definitely fill a bug report.

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    updated to the latest Catalyst software, that may have done it, as it now seems to be functioning properly. I hate it when it's something so simple, then again, newest Catalyst did just come out this week. thanks

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