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    Blender, MetaMorph, Unity and Shape keys

    I posted the original of this question in the Unity support section a week ago - but got no response. So I am reposting it here as there seem to be many Blender specific questions in this section of the forum.

    I've been using Unity for a couple of months and want to create a lipsync animation with shape keys. I don't have the money for some of the commercial packages but I found Metamorph which seemed to be a useful little package for Blender/Unity and shape keys that was created by FoolishFrost/Rezzable Inc

    I created a simple head (2 bones - neck and head), added one shape key(talk - mouth open) and created a simple animation - head turns (head bone rotation) and mouth opens/closes(shape key) that works fine in Blender. I used the Blender 2.58 MetaMorph plugin to create the DiffMap shape key image and the 72 frame animation file. I exported the head object as an fbx file. Everything seemed fine.

    However, when I set the files up in a Unity scene the only animation I get is the head turn - no mouth opening and closing. There are no errors in the console and everything seems to be loading (I turned on verbose in the Metamorph script).

    I added the key frames in the Blender FCurve editor - and this is the one difference between my creation and the MetaMorph demo - see the attached image. Is this the problem? Were the keys in the Charon Demo added in a specific way? (I'm new to using shape keys in Blender - though I have used bones in the past for animations.)

    As additional info, I am using Blender 2.61 and Unity 3.4 and the MetaMorph 2.58 version of the plugin.

    If anyone can help it would be much appreciated as I have been tearing out my hair for several weeks now!. I have zipped all the files - the blend file, the fbx file, the MetaMorph diffusion map and animation text file and placed them here:


    Thanks in advance for any help - which is gratefully appreciated.

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    I don't think MetaMorph deals with animation at all, if you really need the BlendShape animations and morphing to work properly I think there is only one option for you and that is to get MegaFiers.

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    Hi Mike. I am well aware of the Megafiers scripts - infact I viewed the video a while back. Seems like a nice system.

    Unfortunately, I'm just a hobbyist and $150 is out of the question.


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    I have used your file and was able to get all the animations working. The shape key talk animation was not working not matter what I tried. Finally, with comparing to the Charon demo I seen that a Mesh Renderer was under the other scripts. I added that and it works great! I have attached a picture that I hope will help. I used the PlayMoon DEMO script and just changed it to (shapekeytest) script and swapped the animation and shape key files names to match yours for a test. I hope this helps. I did however notice that although I was able to export my own diff maps...they are all gray. There is no color on my maps as there are on Charon demo and yours. If you could help with what I may be doing wrong on the export, I would greatly appreciate it. I am not able to get any color on any diff maps from either my files, yours or the Charon demo.

    Hope this helps.
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    Hi Desimus, You got my file working?? Great!!

    Unfortunately, the link you give to the "Unity Settings Picture" does not work for me

    Can you fix the link, I would love to know how I can get it working too - as I have been trying recently to do it with bones instead of shape keys - and that has its own set of problems.



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