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    Fez programmer Reynald Bedard says he should have used unity!

    That's right in his GDC2012 speech (notes) reviewing the developemnt of Fez, he says in hindsight he would have used a game engine system and probably Unity!

    PS check out those notes especially if your into voxels.

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    And check out his blog he's now using Unity, he's even providing helpful tips!

    A Replacement for Co-routines in Unity + C#

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    Thanks for this.

    Loved the game, not quite 1000% it yet, but getting closer
    Especially enjoyed the use of QR codes.

    The only problem is performance issues and crashes ( hard crashes to dashboard ). If the game is actually built using voxels then that might go a long way to explain the performance issues on xbox. I remember whilst playing wondering if the game used voxels, but then dismissed it as I could see no valid reason to do that.

    From a quick read through of the GDC I can't help but think he got way caught up in the technology that he failed to use a simpler solution. Though I'm not aware of all the game details, having played it I didn't see anything, which if it had been traditionally modelled should have caused performance issues, I'm not even sure culling would be needed.

    Granted perhaps in terms of the game mechanics, there was a need to keep the tile/voxel in place, but again from playing I don't remember seeing anything that couldn't have been accomplished by other methods.

    Still that's not to take away anything from an inspired game and one of the most fun and challenging experiences I've had with a game this generation.
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