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    Animator Needed, Episodic Series

    Hey, i am looking for anyone who would be interested in working on an episodic series of movies. We currently have a team put together so far, script writing being done by myself and another, VAs, ect. We are currently in need of animators. We have an artist, though one more couldn't hurt, but need animators to get this thing up and running. I will make sure to put any animators interested in contact with our artist right away, as i really want to get this moving. A few details are below, though if you would like more, feel free to ask me.

    The premise is simple. A few years from present day, an alien (yes, i know, not at all original, but i think it works) ship crashes into Earth, a race of plague like aliens pouring out, corrupting the very land they touch, their blood a mutagen. They ravage the earth, eliminating most until only a few scattered big cities remain, those humans unfortunate enough to not reside in them forced to become nomads, try and found small village settlements, or survive any way they can. World wide communications have been cut, and with that being the case, everyone thinks that they are the last surviving pocket of humanity, and therefor the last hope for human survival.

    It would be specifically about a city named Haven in a post-apocalyptic world, and it's part in the humans' struggle for survival. Time-wise, i would say 2 to 3 generations from now is when the actual story would take place. The central focus would be on a handful of characters and how their actions and personal goals begin to have an effect on the city as they gradually begin to become key figures in the struggle, all having their lives altered in the city of Haven somehow. I have always envisioned it as a very character driven story, two brief bios below are just an example of character ideas.

    Darrius, Dictator of Haven: Seized the city from its former ruler in a military coup at a very young age, much earlier in the war. He honestly and truly believes that he will be the one to save humanity, to lead them against the invaders and reclaim our home. His cause is a just one, but his methods are very questionable. Recently, rumors have surfaced that Darrius' scientists have begun trying to weaponize the creatures acidic blood. All tests need subjects, and with the limited resource pool they have available, abductions have become common practice to get the subjects they need. Public outrage is a concern, but not a big one, Darrius is a military man through and through, sticking to his convictions, and if the public get in his way, he will make sure the military put them in their place. Darrius knows he is a very hated man by most of the unfortunate and by the many he has wronged. He doesn't like it, but he sees being hated as his sacrifice, something everyone must make in times of war. To him, he is the only one with enough strength, intelligence, and willpower to get his people through this, and he firmly believes that once this is all over, he will be a hero, those who scorned him will thank him, that the populace will see that he was only doing what was necessary.

    Ray, age unknown, likely late teens to earls 20s: Ray was abducted at a very young age, taken to one of Darrius' testing facilities. It was there that he lived, his tiny cell being the only home he knew, raised on nothing but pure instinct. The daily beatings, the pit fights with other children, and the experiments and tests themselves have hardened him into a very physically tough person. Sadly, it has had a completely opposite effect on his mind. Not really sure what is real anymore, every day is like a living nightmare for him. It is amazing that he has even survived this long, the conditions kill most. When Darrius began tinkering with the creatures "blood" looking for possible applications, it outright killed most subjects it came into contact with. Not Ray. It shattered what was left of his mind, turning him into a very bipolar schizophrenic. While still a somewhat functional human being, he sees his own version of reality, and must fight both his mind, as well as external dangers.

    If you have any interest at all in this, or any questions, post here or send me an e-mail at krispy_kreme@live.com.

    I am very open to suggestions, i want to make it as good as it can be. Anyone with experience, or a general know-how of how to make this type of stuff would be a great help (not so much help, more like...god send).

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    I'll think on it. Is this NOT a game?
    Troll not, lest ye be flamed

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    No, this is not a game, it is a series of movies, please get back to me about this as soon as possible.

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    Wisconsin, USA
    If its not interactive, then why would you need Unity? The animation and effects could all be done in whatever 3d software you're using.

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    The Netherlands Groningen
    Ahaa, I misread script writer for scripter :s
    Nederlander, working on action adventure Gargoyle game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by khanstruct View Post
    If its not interactive, then why would you need Unity? The animation and effects could all be done in whatever 3d software you're using.
    I myself have no experience with animation of any kind, i have tried a few websites, posting around, looking for animators, thats why i figured i would give here a try

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