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    Issues importing Animations into Unity


    I've struck into a, probably easy to fix issue.. but i can't find out what the hell to do.

    What i've done to remove the need to have two seperate objects with seperate textures, i animated only the door vertexes to follow along a Empty Object as simply just animating the vertexes diden't seem possible.

    The animation and all turned out great inside of blender, but importing this into Unity seems to have issues, could it be since the animation is actually based around another object?

    Blend File:



    (Yes, High resolution textures untill i get it into the game running, Planning to scale them down later. Also i did export into .fbx when importing to unity, uploading the .blend just for ease.)
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    Can't download the files...

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    Unity doesn't like object based animations. Do it with armature/bone based animations and it will work.

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    I don't know if vertex animation (Shape Keys right?) is good... It's better to do object or bones animation (you have benefits of IK constraints for instance).

    I had create a tutorial, how can you reuse the same animation for different game objects. I don't know if you guys find it useful but it won't hurt take a look, right?


    If you are bored to download have a look what it does.

    1. There's a blend file called commonanimation.blend, I have made a
    very simple animation of an empty object (Location and Rotation).

    2. Then I saved the blend file in the Assets folder of the project
    and it's automagically imported into Unity3D.

    3. In the project tab I go to commonanimation > Animations > Animation Wrap Mode
    and set this setting to loop so the animation can be looped all the time.

    4. In Unity3D I create two Emtpy projects (location, rotation, scale all set to 0).
    One is called GameObjectCube and the other GameObjectCapsule.

    5. I create two game objects, a Cube and a Capsule accordingly and place them
    as childs to their appropriate parent. Otherwise I can't move the cube around
    on it's own location, it will inherit the position of the animation which is
    originate in 0,0,0.

    6. I go to the Project panel and in commonanimation prefab I grab the "Default Take"
    animation and drop it to Cube and Capsule (not in GameObjectCube/GameObjectCapsule).
    Good day to every one.

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