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    FBX import from Maya crashes/uses tons of memory on Unity import

    We're using Unity 3.4.2f3 to import a skinned character from Maya. Importing the file will crash some Unity machines and just eat up around 2 GIGS of RAM and take 15+ minutes on other machines. Simply changing the FBX export options to not export animations took the import time down to less than 5 seconds. Just thought that I'd share in case others have similar problems.

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    I believe the animation import times have been optimized/reduced in Unity 3.5.1. Update to this latest version of Unity and see if it improves the situation. Otherwise, submit a bug report with your Maya files attached.
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    Hi there,

    Was this issue ever resolved. We are getting some problems when importing new fbx files. We get the following error message "ImportFBX Errors: An error occurred while importing ...."

    Recently we have updated our mesh and skeleton for out character and exporting fbx files that are about 2MB. When they get imported to unity we notice that the memory of unity editor increases unto 2 to 3Gigs!!!

    I'm guessing there is a memory leak, where unity is caught in some sort of loop allocating memory or something along the lines, perhaps something to do with the bones of the character.

    Has there been known issue about this before?

    Any ideas what could be the problem, thanks

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    We found the best approach was to disable animation export from Maya. In this case our character didn't have animations (and we didn't need them even if they did).

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    Thanks ShuanKime for the reply

    We have found another solution.

    The model we try to export contains a body mesh, eyes mesh and a tongue mesh with bones. Previously we just selected the box for baking when exporting the model which worked fine before we updated the mesh and skeleton. Now we have to manually selected all the meshes and bake them before exporting the fbx file.

    Any ideas why this is happening?

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