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    Warring Elements


    Warring Elements is a multiplayer 3rd person shooter game where you will play as wind, water, fire or earth elemental and try to destroy opposing side's main base crystal. Think onslaught from ut2004 etc. Right now the state of game is that networking should already more or less work, attacks are implemented all for first version, except for chant and one earth attack. The game is being created in Unity, Softimage XSI 4.2, GIMP and Sculptris. And I would need some brave soul who would try to download and play it because I would like to test how it behaves on the internet and whether it even works as it should. You can find the latest version at warringelements.com

    Update: changed game mode to a multiplayer 3rd person not so much shooter moba game

    Here is latest video:

    Big thank you to everyone who tried it
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    Looks like an interesting concept, could you detail how the combat system would work, and what the strategy behind the game is?

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    Well, it is more or less normal shooter. You just run, shoot, kill, overtake white nodes by standing under them, if they are not connected to the main base then you can't do anything to them and destroy enemy nodes. The target of the game is to destroy main base node. I know, I will put more visual cues as to what to do later XD And more details maybe later :P
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    Somewhat updated version is up. Hope it is a bit better. Now onto balancing

    updated video
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    The Netherlands Groningen
    Looks great, I lolled when I saw silver dude he's cute
    Nice that you have a good crosshair and that the projectiles actually go there.
    I haven't figured out how to do that.

    Looks like a good project
    Nederlander, working on action adventure Gargoyle game.

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    Thanks, but he is not used as model anymore

    As for crosshair, I did that in Inkscape - had problems with transparency, couldn't figure how to force gimp to get anything without premultiplication problems. And for the projectiles to go where you want check the docs for raytracing, at least thats how I do it, raytrace from camera position in camera's front direction, if something gets hit you get the point from which you sub position you want to fire from and from that you can get quaternion for correct projectile orientation. Maybe normalize the resulting vector before last step, but I would guess that is done in that quaternion function anyway.

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    And this time I have included some simple pathfinding, bots, minimap, switchable closer and further camera. As for the bots they are a little bit dumb but they do know how the gameplay goes. Onto balancing once again.

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    looks fun. The character reminds me a lot of The thing from fantastic four. Good concept of gameplay

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    Heh, thanks and now that you mention it he does resemble him.

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    A little update after a while

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