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    Game Design Document

    Well, I've never made a GDD before, and I thought I should probably try it, so I have been working on this:

    I don't plan on making this game, but it was a little idea that I had that I thought would be fun to make a GDD for.

    It is only half way done.

    I used a template that I found on the internet, and I was wondering if an experienced game designer could give it a quick once over and tell me what to revise and what I have done wrong. Thanks!

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    For some unknown reason,Google Docs asks me for an account/and permission to open your GDD...can you make it...hmm...public?
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    Not to offend but I don't think I could call that half done. All it tells me is that it's a top down mulitplayer zombie shooter. A GDD should spec out every aspect of gameplay as line items of what needs to be made - all the different aspects of the AI, weapons, power ups, scoring, player attributes, interaction, special sauce etc. They can get really big!

    Here's an example that's fairly thorough and still simple. It could include even more than it does but it was made for arguing html over Word docs rather than strictly a GDD example:

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    Well that is hardly a design document, I would say. There are just basic ideas added to the template, all 1-liners.
    I stumbled over this design document released by a seemingly nice mobile game company, you may want to check that out:

    I think for a project of the scale you describe there, you have to give much much more information in an actual design document.
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    Yep, That's why I wanted to post here

    Thought I was doing something wrong. Thanks for the input guys.

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    I wouldn't say you're doing something wrong - just not in-depth enough. The Space Miner one's pretty good - nice find Acumen!

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    Informative!!! nice sharing!!!

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    I've just finished writing a tutorial about my method for creating documents. This is a method you can use when you don't want to use a template. But even if you do use a template there tips in this tutorial that will be helpful.


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