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    Nelson BC Canada

    Looking for quick Android conversion for ski game

    I have completed a unity ios ski game and published it on the iTunes store, but I'm looking for help with a quick conversion to Android to get an APK to upload. It was coded with Android in mind for the most part, so I don't forsee too many issues, but can't test since I don't have an Android device and this is my first game. I will need anyone interested to have a Unity Android licence and device obviously and also will need a signed NDA / confidentiality agreement. Please PM me with a quote and timing if interested.



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    Sure,I can help you with that,
    I have the License and Android Device.
    Trubek Anatoly - Cruel Studios
    Unity3d - C# programmer,current website (Indie price) - trubekanatoly.weebly.com
    contact me - trubekanatoly@gmail.com

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