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    Mouse 3D in Unity Editor (SpaceNavigator...)

    Hello guys,

    I just want to let you know that I just released an editor plugin that brings some 3d mice compatibility.

    Watch the video :

    Before buying, please take note of some important requirements, on my website :

    • This is an Editor plugin

    • The window must be visible in order to update the scene view.

    • Works on Windows and OS X

    • Works with 3dconnexion mice (SpaceNavigator...)

    • Check your compatibility first (download the package on my website)

    You can navigate in your scene view and move the game objects with freedom in all six degrees of movement.

    If you have any issue or suggestion feel free to contact me on my website.

    I will use this thread to notify you for updates.

    EDIT :
    **Version 1.1 :
    - Added a distance factor slider in Edit mode : the nearest the object is to the camera, the slower it will move
    - Added the Plan Edit mode : Movements are translated relative to camera's Y rotation (Usefull for moving objects on a ground/table...)
    - Added the Custom Edit mode : Combine the 4 other modes on each axes
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    Sydney, Australia
    Awesome! Was looking at buying a SpaceNavigator now that modo601 supports them.

    Hopefully UT will add support directly into Unity at some point.

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    This would be a great tool to make cinematics with - I'd love the ability to record the scene camera's position (maybe at a specified framerate) and turn it into an animation file, to put onto a main camera.

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    @geppetto : You are right, but I honestly hope that it won't be available on the next update !

    @Thinksquirrel : I juste added a 2nd video. At the end, I show how to move a Camera object. I think that it definitely would great to "record" animations with that plugin. I was thinking to try to implement this ...

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    Nice but really too expensive!

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    Groningen, Netherlands
    I agree with maidamedia. I know it must have been lots of work and I do really want my spacenavigator to work in unity but (at least) I don't have $70 which I can spend on such script... (which is just something that's really really really nice to have but you can do fine without).

    I would spend $15 max on this script, but I'm a student, I don't have much money to spent anyway :P
    1st year of Internation Game Architecture and Design (Indie Game Development), NHTV, Netherlands
    Past: 4y Game Artist education

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    Lyon, France
    Agree with the other posters. At around 1/3 of the current price, I would buy it right now. And since w'ere already 3...
    By definition, nothingness doesn't exist...

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    Perhaps you could do a lite/free version that just allows navigation in the editor, then all the extras go on a pro version. I think $70, even more for European (almost 70euros) is a lot, almost what my space pilot cost

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    Not more than 25$ in my opinion!

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    THat camera movement is certainly impresive.
    Android works>>>>>>>>

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    Excellent work

    Please contact me about having us (3Dconnexion) help promote your plugin.

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    @ jwick : Thank you. I just sent you a private message.

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    San Francisco, CA
    This is awesome work, but like others have said this is just way too expensive. I can't justify paying basically the value of the device for what is essentially a workaround plugin for one application. I think ~$15-$20 would be more reasonable and you'd see a lot more sales. I hope to see this come down in price!

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    I would buy for $25

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    I've been waiting for this feature for a while, but I agree that 87.5$ is unreasonably expensive. If the price drops to $25 or less I'm on.

    What are the prospects of seeing a version that connects with the SpaceNavigator in runtime?

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    + 1 on purchase for a more reasonable price, we use navigator in the college where I teach, and I would guarantee a fair amount of sales for a better price!

    Thanks for the effort, is this the same plugin Juha aka JFo wrote about here: SpaceNavigator-support!/page4

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    @Srch : That is not the same plugin.

    @CarlEmail : I don't plan to release a runtime version. I am not sure about this need.

    @everyone : I hear your voice.
    I don't plan to reduce the price of this plugin for the moment. I am still working on it to make it better.
    I'll probably release a "Lite" version.

    (Version 1.1 just sent to the asset store.)
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    $25-30 and I'd buy it (and order the 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator).

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    record camera movement

    let me know when you can record camera movement

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    I don't plan to release a runtime version. I am not sure about this need.
    Ah, that's too bad.

    For anyone else interested SpaceNavigator input in runtime for non distributed "games" I can recommend OSCulator ($18.4).

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