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    Indie Devs in the Living Room?

    Hey guys!

    So a while back I read up on Google planning to release their GES (Google Entertainment System) soon, which could eventually allow access to the Android market. Now I see Apple is gearing up for something similar with the iPad and the iOS market. Are indie devs that are building mobile games soon going to find themselves moving into the living room as well?

    I'm curious what people think about this next console war that's gearing up, and the possibility that indie devs might actually get a shot at a market which has traditionally been out of reach. Do you think Google or Apple will be successful at bringing their respective markets to the living room to compete with consoles? Will the old business model of charging developers 50k a seat to develop for consoles go the way of the dinosaurs in favor of open marketplaces?


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    Keep in mind that even though we can all put our apps on the markets- the big publishers still dominate in a very real way .
    I could imagine something like a indie collective in which indie devs pull their resources together to promote their games...

    Everyone makes a classic platformer , here's mine


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    Damn! Soon they'll have control of our government....

    Still kind of surprised that they haven't come up with a decent controller system though....I hardly doubt any worthwhile titles will come out (worthwhile being "hardcore") with those pathetic touch controls.
    Completely new to game development and Unity? don't know where to start? You don't have to be a n00b, click here and you'll be a pro in no time! The complete scripting series will bring you from zero to hero!

    Really guys, get over it. Everyone these days wants a MMO not single player. I know we should start out small but times have changed. Anymore in the game industry no matter how small or large you have to go big or go home!

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