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    [job offer] Need a Unity developer and probably one 3D artist

    I'm the COO and Creative Director of a new web and mobile game studio, LCD Dreams, Inc. Last summer we began work on a demo for a new "groundbreaking" multiplayer social RPG called Banished: The Reckoning. The game as a whole isn't what's groundbreaking - it's a combination of some of the mechanics (which have been done individually but not really combined) and the fact that the social/mobile industry is still in its infancy more or less, so there are very few games like this on web or mobile.

    Unfortunately, our developer is no longer able to work on the project. We're trying to get all of the code and assets from him, but we're facing some...challenges.

    So what we need right now most of all is a new Unity developer. We may need one or more 3D artists as well if we aren't able to retrieve all of the assets (we have some of them). Ideally the developer would be local to the bay area, CA so that we can collaborate in person. We're looking for people who want to invest in this project and believe in it as we do.

    We do have a little money left, and we're submitting to kickstarter to try to get more (I'll post the link here once it's up). However, as I said, we want someone to become part of the team. We're prepared to offer a share of the company and of course salary and benefits once we're able to provide them. Of course, we understand most people need to pay bills and such, so hopefully we can cover a certain amount with cash for now.

    Ok, now for some info on the game itself:

    Core features
    - A role-playing game with a focus on mid-core social gameplay, replayability, and full 3D graphics.
    - Social MMORPGs so far have only been text and image based, very repetitive, and containing little depth; Banished takes the social MMORPG into the fully graphical realm with instanced adventures, 3D multiplayer gameplay, and live social chat.
    - Free to play with a microtransaction business model: income would result from players purchasing special in-game items or premium adventures and classes.
    - Engaging for both single player and multiplayer; offline players are able to set their characters to be hireable for adventures with other players, earning rewards without even needing to play (but will earn even more rewards if they do play).
    - Dynamically changing world system based on players’ choices
    - Players gather in a central town to socialize, team up, and hire henchmen (offline players) to go adventuring, and all adventures are instanced to provide more personal, intimate experiences for the players without concern of disruption.
    - Customizable physical characteristics and gear that change the appearance of the character.
    - Beautiful, stylized graphics with saturated colors and high contrast of light and shadow for an intense visual experience.
    - Intimate, enticing music with realistic sound f/x providing an exciting atmosphere.
    - High replayability due to multiple character races and classes and a large number of adventures with more added on a constant basis by both developers and players using a publicly available adventure/level design tool.

    We realize this is an ambitious project, and it may not all be created in the first version. But we want to get as much of it as possible to ensure it's a fun, enticing, and successful title. See below for concept art.

    Feel free to contact me at dave@lcddreams.com if you're interested. Please provide a resume and examples of your work and be prepared to provide references if we invite you for an interview.

    Thanks for reading.

    Concept art (more can be seen at http://angel.co/lcd-dreams):

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    Everything looks impressive, but what's so ground breaking about this? Don't mean to be rude as you have clearly put an immense amount of work into this, but from a first glance it looks like another MMO, with the disadvantage of this being indie with little to no funds, thus greatly reducing chances of completion, and chances of profit even more.

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    Campbell, CA
    That's a valid question - one that makes or breaks many projects. As I said, much of the game isn't particularly new to the industry as a whole. What's new is this type of game to the web/social and mobile markets. Those markets are still quite new, and as many know, are filled with games like Cityville, Mobsters, etc. Our game is a more traditional synchronous multiplayer RPG. It will consist of a hybrid of real-time and turn-based play (and in fact, our intention is to include a feature that allows the players to decide whether they want to play more synchronously or asynchronously each time they go on an adventure). It's intended for the mid core audience - namely, hardcore players who have busy lives and don't always have time to spend hours each night grinding away to level up. There are a few other games out there that are similar, but none of them have what we're offering AND cross-platform play. Another feature that very few other games have is a public tool to allow players to create their own adventures, thus dramatically increasing retention.

    I've been in the game industry for 15 years and have spent the last 7 or so of those studying the web/online and mobile markets - both the games and the players. Our intention is to create a game that provides much of what these players have been asking for. We are expecting that once we have a demo to show what this game will be about, we'll have a decent chance at getting fully funded. We've already spoken to angels and others who do investing, and they've all had positive reactions. They all have said they want to see more, so the key is getting this demo done.
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    I want to apply as a modeller texturer for the team, please mail me at rouiemoran@yahoo.com.

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    Hey Dave,

    Great looking concepts you have there, this kind of style is right up our alley and we have a few modelers who would love to sink their teeth into this. I'm going to send you an email right away here but check out our website and you can see how the dark gritty style you are going after is exactly what we specialize in and have been doing for years now
    Ryan Wiancko - Producer
    Ironbelly Studios - www.ironbellystudios.com
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    Our experienced team at Ironbelly provides the highest quality 2D, 3D, Animation, VFX, Audio and Level Design services to meet your budget and exceed your expectations.
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    pm sent for 3d artist position.

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