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    It's fine, lol. I was kidding. Glad I had that hatchet.
    Troll not, lest ye be flamed

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    I don't understand why this thread still exists.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rya View Post
    I don't understand why this thread still exists.
    Why no?

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    I know I haven't bumped in 2 weeks now. were still working on the project and still recruiting. so if anyone wants to join. then leave a comment or send me a PM.
    and please don't write "why does this thread still exist?" or "why is this still going on?"

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    Behind you

    I think you and I are in the same boat. We have many ideas for great games, and can write out every detail for said games, but have few skills for developing the games ourselves. One thing you have to realize, is that everyone on these forums has their set of ideas, ranging from flash games all the way through AAA games, and the only way they will want to help yours over theirs is if they think you are an experienced and qualified leader, who will successfully contribute to and deliver the development process.

    However, for both you and I, this is not the case. I have zero games in my portfolio, and while I am very quickly learning unity, javascript, and terrain development, I am unable to make a game of decent quality on my own.

    The are only a few ways to get out of this rut: one is to make very simplistic games and entirely complete them, so that you can prove the skills that you have and contribute to your portfolio. Another is to join the dream game of a DIFFERENT developer, who has already qualified themselves as a leader and developer through their portfolio.

    This game looks like an interesting idea, but if you dont have the skills nor the team, it will never be what you want it to be. Join a team, get experience, try again in a year or two when you have a reputation.

    --Km0nk3y, new member of Dreamlarp's Space Dwarves dev team

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    I will say something nice about it. I really like the little store and it looks nice. You have a lot of work but you might be able to do something. I agree it might not sound too new and that but when i think of zombies games i want to just go kill a bunch of things and not have to worry about food water shelter. If i wanted to worry about that stuff i go play skyrim or minecraft. Last thought keep your idea flowing but come up with a very new idea with zombies.
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    England, Warrington
    Wait I don't get this thread. Is it a recruitment or a Work In Progress?
    The Best Practice is Experience.
    Need some cheap web hosting? Then check this one out.

    Currently Looking for work, I am a Web Coder (Css, html5, JQuery and Somewhat php), if you need a web coder then pm me. I am a volunteer and work for the experience.

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    'Nother zombie game. :sigh:

    well at least you've got a webplayer. I didn't play it, the initial setup isn't direct and to the point (show me the features to get me HOOKED!). Also, I suggest if you're going zombie mode - do cartoon. Realistic zombies are - IMHO - overdone. I bet you'd get more attention with a casual zombie game. - Casual in appearance.

    Programmer for the Breeze Project and for many other unnamed stuph.

    "I'm addicted to creating my own architecture to bring a world only known as an idea to a viable and interactive form."

    I also love to write.

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    thanks for the replies.
    Km0nk3y. I've read your reply and i think it would probably have been best to join another team. but i'll stay with this. i think there's a future in this team i have.

    Chippy Cheese. i know that many people only play sombie games to kill zombies. but some people would also just like to explore some abandoned town while running around with zombies. so i'll keep this idea in the game.

    Sean Hall. it's a recruitment thread. but i'm just writing what's been done so people know that were still working on it.

    and finally SirGive. i don't care that people already made realistic zombie games and it's overdone. i don't think it should be cartoony. because then people wouldn't take it as serious.

    thanks for the input everyone.

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    wait for it. *Put's on sunglasses* *Bump!*

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    mediafire link is gone

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    hello hike1.
    where is this mediafire link you're talking about? i can't find it.
    can't remember adding link to that site.

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    will soon add another vid so you'll see how it looks like now.

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