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    is the walker boy studio certification worth it?

    This process will take a very long time to accomplish, and I am wondering is it worth the time to put in? Should i use tutorial as need from other less organized source? Does having the certification make you more likely to get picked up for projects or hired if your a contractor?

    and For certain people who like to troll the form yea my grammar, spelling, name sucks, if you gonna put unrelated thing in like that please post some where else.
    And for all those who do help, thank you for the help and thoughts in advance
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    For gaming industry, this kind of stuff doesn't really mean anything. Studios will look at your work, not certificates.

    70+ hours of tutorials is a lot, but judging by their list, its nothing that you won't be able to find online to be honest. That said, courses like this tend to provide a personal classroom kind of feel.

    Take a look at their proposed examples, if you think you can do at least one by yourself, I'd say skip it.

    I don't have much experience with Unity, so this comes from a more general tutorial perspective.

    Edit: I suck at spelling too, thank god for spell checker (default in firefox and chrome)

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    Then again, if your able to recreate super mario 64 like in their tutorial, then add your own graphics, change up the game play a bit , ect . You have a game worth showing off to a potential employer, get it to work halfway decent on phones, you have a game worth selling

    Everyone makes a classic platformer , here's mine


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    The certificate is probably not going to make a difference, but the knowledge you gain by going through it should be quite helpful.

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    kk thanks for the perspective, I am a hobbist and don't see my self going after a career in this field, I am actually going of an ot degree and that will be my job.

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    They say somewhere on the web page that the certificate is little more than something cool to have, it doesn't mean anything. Of course, I would never do it for the certificate, I learned from their tutorials because I needed to. XD
    Completely new to game development and Unity? don't know where to start? You don't have to be a n00b, click here and you'll be a pro in no time! The complete scripting series will bring you from zero to hero!

    Really guys, get over it. Everyone these days wants a MMO not single player. I know we should start out small but times have changed. Anymore in the game industry no matter how small or large you have to go big or go home!

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    Victoria Australia
    I have never heard of this certificate? i guess these "Walkerboys" wernt around when i started with unity the tutorials that most used were the Tornado twins... so no i wouldent care if someone had it if i was an employer.
    Maybe you can help me work out how to smooth my planetary gravity!

    Quote Originally Posted by hippocoder View Post
    Calm down, you're posting all kinds of nonsense that makes no sense. I suggest you post less, and follow http://unity3d.com/learn tutorials.

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    The tutorials look cool, but be aware, their programming technique is a bit old school. Certainly not best practice. It still looks good for starting, but don't think their way is THE way. Try to avoid bad habits.

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    Dallas, Texas
    Hi tontil52. Thank you for your interest in our unity training material. Personally, if you're looking for a fun course that takes you through the basics of unity and game development with some enjoyable challenges along the way, then you may want to give the course a try.

    In terms of who's using it. We have over two dozen universities (that we know of) using it, many (lost count) high school programs using and developing curriculum around it and a great bunch of developers in over 112 countries training with it. At the moment we have almost one million video plays and 13,000+ exams taken through it.

    In addition, you may want to check out 3dBuzz. They have some wonderful training videos on Unity and c# Programming.

    Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thank you!

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    thanks for the replay so i taking it as it couldn't hurt, and is a good addition to have/

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    i will probably take it at a later time

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