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    Nice Beginners tutorials!

    Hey guys,

    Just started making Unity3D videos, and they aren't that good. Could you tell me what they need? I'm not getting too many hits on them.

    My Unity 3D Points tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HTjQV5dyfUk

    thanks. Tell me what you thought of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sajid View Post
    no one?
    That is not long enough to wait before saying that.

    Here are my observations after watching a few minutes:
    • Show what you are making before you make it; you can't expect people to care about your video otherwise, unless what you are illustrating is a fundamental tool.
    • Use CompareTag, not ==.
    • += is pronounced "plus equals", not "plus or equal to".
    • You should not start the name of fields with a capital letter.
    • You sound sick and/or lethargic. You either need to make your videos when you are feeling good, or learn how to make people think you are feeling good: work on #s 4 & 5.
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    Oh... Sorry.

    Um, thanks for the feedback. Yes, that isn't my standard. I was indeed sick that day, but normally my voice is clear. Thanks for the suggestion on showing the final product first. Why would I use CompareTag, when == works? Everything in the script works, why change it up?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sajid View Post
    Why would I use CompareTag, when == works? Everything in the script works, why change it up?
    It's not hard to use, and it's superior in the ways Eric described. Unity Technologies wouldn't have put it in the API if they thought other types of string comparisons were sufficient. I feel that a responsible Unity tutorial maker would teach people about it, but on the other hand, UT doesn't do anything to advertise its merits, so maybe they don't even believe in it anymore. I was only watching for things you could improve, because these hits seem important to you, but it's really nice of you to make this stuff.

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    Hm... I'll look into it, and mention/change it in the next video. I appreciate all the suggestions a lot though. I am no way a Unity expert, but I believe I should tell people less knowledgeable what I know, for whats the point of information if you keep it to yourself? Anyway, do you have any suggestions as to how I go about teaching this, ways to make it easier to follow, ect?

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    I'm no expert either; but I try to emulate tutorial videos that I think are high-caliber. Deke McClelland and Ian McCaig have probably been the most inspirational to me in this regard, but I've seen tons of competent people make good videos without a big fuss or lots of preparation. You can't expect to make something as high quality as a Lynda series by yourself, unless you really have a lot of free time, but definitely watch your own stuff, and consider what would be feasible to improve next time. For example, the most difficult thing about making tutorial videos is avoiding rambling. So, I've tried to balance having some script, and talking naturally; I'd love to know how the pros do it.

    I think the easiest thing to do, to get more hits, and have people appreciate what you do, even if it isn't the best-edited material, is to cover material that nobody else has. There are a lot of tutorials on teaching the basics of Unity via small projects. "Point system" is terminology that could get buried, unless your video was linked from many other places. Focusing on one aspect, and covering it really well, is my suggestion, but I haven't actually put a lot of thought into viewer volume. I just try to make the videos that I would have wanted myself, before I learned the things I learned. If I could learn it elsewhere, I don't bother with a video.
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