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    Wanted: Unity/C# Programmer for Unity/X-Plane Mashup [Paid]

    Hi all,

    I'm looking to hire someone that can write a quick script to bridge X-Plane and Unity. Platform can either be Windows or Mac.

    The project requires taking the airplane body accelerations as output by X-Plane (http://www.xsquawkbox.net/xpsdk/mediawiki/Main_Page), and feeding them into an airplane cabin modeled within Unity. X-Plane will handle the aerodynamic simulation while Unity would be responsible for all the kinetics of an object within the cabin and interactions btwn the object and the cabin itself. The goal is to be able to fly X-Plane and see how the object in the cabin responds in real-time.

    I have a 3D model of the cabin modeled in Rhino, but require a programer to set up everything on the Unity end as well as the communication between X-Plane and Unity.

    Please email me at bmpitts at gmail, if you're confident, capable, and interested in the gig. (Programmers in NYC preferred.)

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    I'm not really a confident programmer , but looking at the sdk and checking around google I found some interesting ways forward.



    seems you can also just save variables to a txt file and stream that into unity.

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    Thanks for the links redmacmanz!!

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    I couldn't guarantee you a clean or fast solution, but I I'd be interested in trying to get the data into unity. What's your timetable?

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