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    What deformers/constraints limitations will I have rigging characters for Unity?

    I use Maya 2012 I'd like to know what deformers and constraints are in Unity recently joined a group of friends on a game project I am the character rigger but I've never rigged for a game engine before. What currently works in unity so I know what areas will be my limitations on for building the rig. I know based on watching videos back in 2010 unity did not support the usage of blend shape deformers according to some of the videos I've come across. A link response that links to a official post instead of a answer is ok provided the link actually linkes to a full answer that is up to date. I ask this because the less my hands are tied the easier some things will be to do for the character and creature rigs. Some tutorials say you have to bake your animations and that no complex rigs can be exported out to the Unity engine. So I am really looking for current information that isn't two years old, because I know unity has evolved a lot since then so things may or may not still apply from what the tutorials I kept coming across said about it.

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    If you are looking for BlendShape support and other deformations as well as point cache vertex animation then you need to look at MegaFiers, the website is at www.west-racing.com/mf that has exporters for Maya that will get Blendshapes into Unity with a couple of clicks as well as over 40 other mesh deformations. You can see one of the many videos on the system below for the Maya Blendshape support. Check the website or the youtube channel for many more examples of what the system can do.

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    thanks I'll look into that.

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    That one is charged for, I'd like to know the base what my options are with anything freely available it would be nice to be able to use that but I'm on a limited budget of which has already been spent on some key tools as it stands. I'd like to know whats built into unity.

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    There is no morphing available in unity by default, which is why mike pointed you to megafiers unity likes bones tho.
    Dropbox is great for sharing http://db.tt/XvH62wyt

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