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Thread: Making roads

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    Making roads

    Hi, I am making an game in unity 3d, and i would like to creat roads withouth other scripts (easyroads3d, network builder...). All roads will be flat, it will not be on hills or something else.

    For modeling i have Autodesk 3ds Max 2012, and Photoshop cs5.

    Thanks, Milos.

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    Cleveland, OH, USA
    I'm in the same boat you are. Would this be for a car racing game of sorts, or for a GTA-style game, or what exactly? The type of game I'd see myself using roads in would be kind of like a game similar to the movie "Death Race" of sorts, where you have weapons mounted on cars, then you have to be the last guy alive driving to win, something along those lines. So having that Grand Prix-style setting, and driving and chasing others down should be fun.
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    GTA-style game. It will be for free driving.


    //City driving...
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    Is there anyway to i create in max 3d roads and to adding in unity 3d like objects??? It will be a lot of object when i finish? Will be some problems?


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    I'd recommend creating pieces of road and then joining them together. Create a straight piece, 45 degree turn left and right, 90 degree turn left and right... make those in Max, then bring them into Unity and snap them together (Vertex Snapping tool is great here). If you make it properly in Max with UVs, you can use the same road texture on all of them if you want.

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    Maybe it's not 3ds max, and maybe not exactly what you want.. but I think it's worth to watch this solution
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    @Screenhog, i will try that to do in max 3d or blender. I this is easier in blender. I will try.

    @mariusz, i saw that but I think is better to i joining roads together in Unity 3d...

    Thank you both.

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