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    Texture seams problem.

    Hello!(*sad and angry* voice).

    I have an issue on most of my models that have a cylindrical shape.As you can see in the image below I get some texture seams on some parts of my model.Is there anything wrong on how I unwrap the model(I use a cylindrical type unwrappin,I don't really know how to explain it),or something's wrong with the texture?

    So how do I fix this.Do I have to reunwrap the model,re-texture it.Any Photoshop/GIMP tricks to make that seam dissappear?
    Please,save me from crashing my head into the monitor,I've been experiencing this problem on most of my models.

    P.S:I use Blender
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    You should learn how to use seams to unwrap your model as you cant always use pre made UV mapping techniques.I will have some time tomorrow so contact me via Skype and ill help you.
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    My first recommendation would be using a checker texture to place your UVs the right way (i mean you have to see perfect squares layer along your model, or at least as perfect as you can), so that the final texture will be laid out correctly without having that stretched look you have at the top of your model.

    Then if you are able to match the texture no matter how or where your seams are, that will give you a nice texture map.

    Also I just noticed Unity sometimes get seams although your UV layout and Texture is clean, to solve this... you can Bleed the texture a little in your UVs. I'm just doing it right now :P

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    You can also get seams if your normals are not correct, eg. from unwelded vertices or hard edges.

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