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    If you use the algorithm I describe above, you could actually use the array of points to draw something that looks more like a snake.

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    Victoria Australia
    This is the biggest update yet... Why? because i still get good FPS(above 3k score) So this is the link and this is the to do list :

    1. Add a timer so you get like 2 seconds to get the food
    2. Make the food not be created on the tail... no idea how im going to do this
    3. Debug
    4. Add ads?
    5 Final Debug
    6 Relese

    That is the plan
    Maybe you can help me work out how to smooth my planetary gravity!

    Quote Originally Posted by hippocoder View Post
    Calm down, you're posting all kinds of nonsense that makes no sense. I suggest you post less, and follow http://unity3d.com/learn tutorials.

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