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    Workflow to record screen capture animations

    What is the workflow that you use when recording screen captures and publishing those?

    I am using Fraps for screen capture but when I edit (reduce the size) the video with video editor the quality gets really bad. Do you have any ideas how to reduce the file size without loosing too much quality? Also, what is the output file type that you usually use? Below are some links to videos where the quality is still quite good in my opinion:



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    When you record with Fraps, you have the option to make it uncompressed. Gives a much larger file, but no quality loss until you encode.

    That being said, it's all to do with what codec you use. The H264 codec is one of the best on the market, and it's what they also use on youtube.
    Each program used for encoding also has settings for each codec, so if you aren't getting a good enough quality, you can change that in the settings.

    The extensions, such as AVI, MP4, MKV etc. The only difference between them, is basically what codecs they support. Eg. H264 doesn't work with AVI, but works with MP4 and MKV. But if you are aiming to get it up on youtube, I'd say go with MP4.

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    For some reason I only get a black screen when recording with Force lossless RGB capture- option. Anyway, thanks for the comments/clarification about formats and codecs.

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    Glasgow, UK
    Hi mk1978,

    We have a new plugin for Unity that allows you to capture videos from the viewport straight to AVI files on disk. It's currently Windows only but it's integrated directly into Unity and allows you to capture within the editor and in stand-alone builds.

    Check out web website for AVPro Movie Capture where you can find a demo and documentation.


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