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Thread: Skybox problem

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    Skybox problem

    I'm trying to 'blend' a skybox like in a tutorial I'm following, but when I make the material and set the shader to RenderFX/Skybox, it looks different than in the tutorial. In the tutorial there are 12 spots to place skybox images (6 for each skybox) then at the top there is a 'Blend' slider.

    But on my side, there is only 6 spots and no slider, so I can't blend the skybox like I need to. I'm using Unity free (3.4 I think), is skybox blending only in Pro?

    Why does it look different?
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    Bump. I wanted to put this on Unity Answers but it won't let me post a question no matter what I do.
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    Which tutorial are you following?

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