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    So there will be geoDefense for Flash?
    I can't use these two things together.

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    @taumel I'm actually working on porting Temple Run to Unity for Imangi now. Ostensibly for the Android port, but also with an eye towards other versions... Flash is the obvious!

    I was so hoping it'd "just work".... but got tripped up by the incomplete (so far) support for generics. But I know how it goes!

    As for geoDefense.... let's just say that I'm under an NDA relative to that. Read into that what you will.


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    Ahh okay :O)

    You know i say this quite seldom as many games suck these days but geoDefense is a hell of a game. It's wonderfully designed and nicely balanced so that it ends up with some depth and character for most levels and i had so much fun with it. Thank you very much for developing it. I hope that at some point there will be a successor, some new levels or at least an level editor. I wish you the best for your upcoming projects.
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    I can't use these two things together.

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    United Kingdom
    I am thinking about buying NGUI which I hear the Android version of your game uses.

    Q1. Is the end result of the GUI as nice as on the iPhone?

    Q2. Are there any differences?

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