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    London, UK
    What is deceptive is the list above links to lists of lists! I need to get the time to vet these lists to make sure I only post good ones in the main thread.

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    South Africa
    I've not gone through all of those tutorials, but I can vouch for both the Walker Boys and the BurgZerg Hack-slash-rpg tutorials. The Hack and Slash tuts in particular are truly excellent from a C# coding perspective.... even if you are not interested in 3d RPG games, those tutorials will teach you a ton of useful coding stuff.

    I'm about to look at the eteeski videos, will provide my noob opinion on them later.

    Edit: the Hack and Slash tuts are probably not suitable for complete beginners, but are amazing as the "next step".
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    Really Thanks for update Angel

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    I have a Youtube channel that contains a lot of videos on the RTS game I am making in Unity and I was wondering if you could possibly add it to the list. I haven't found much help with RTS topics so a lot of it is trial and error and a lot of testing. I have all of my RTS videos stored in a playlist called Unity RTS Binary.

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    I am grateful that you have given us long list on tutorial is which really going to help me. Thank you.

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    Unity Tips and Tricks

    Hey guys, there are lots of great resources out there and I want to add another to the mix.http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...ature=view_all. It's purpose is to provide short, focused presentations on more niche material that hasn't already been covered elsewhere.

    Also, if you have a request for a topic that can be easily covered in 10 minutes or less, feel free to contact me.


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    Thanks for sharing the tutorials itís really helpful for the new beginners to make the scripts.

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    Thanks for posting these tutorials on creating the scripts and helps me to do my projects

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    Hey I'm Hathzynx and I'm starting to make unity tutorials on youtube. I'd love it if you add my tutorials to the list, i'll be adding many more tutorials all the time.

    here's a link to the playlist of all the tutorials i've made so far: Here

  10. TMD TMD is offline

    I'll be using this alot lol!

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    This is more help full for people learn tutorial

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    My tutorials for series 1 are complete and ready to be added to the list. It's 30 hours of video tutorials showing how to build a prototype multiplayer fps. This is the Unity forums page I've been using.

    Thanks for your consideration.

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    London, UK
    Cool! Thanks! I'll look these over as soon as I wrangle a moment of free time!

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    Thanks for sharing these useful tutorials. This truly helpful for me to study and also study and learn for others too.
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    THX a lot, Mr. Admin..

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    I wrote a quick tutorial about using microphone input in Unity3D. It's part one of my tutorials regarding to audio analysis and the next part will be out probably sometime next week. http://www.kaappine.fi/tutorials/usi...ut-in-unity3d/

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    Apologies for the self promotion but I've just put up a couple of tutorials about some post-beginner topics, such as coroutines and using the .net library. Please feel free to have a look, hope they're helpful

    [TUTORIALS] Beyond Beginner Topics in Unity:

    Founder of coAdjoint, producer of adaptive A.I. software and the most advanced skill modelling solution in gaming


    Twitter: https://twitter.com/tom_coAdjoint
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/coAdjoint
    Video blog: http://www.youtube.com/user/coAdjointTom

    Open to all feedback

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    I'd like to request that my series be put up on this list.
    "The Key to Understanding is by Interactive Learning."

    Digital Gaming Institute: http://DigitalGamingInstitute.com

    My Interactive Tutorial Series: http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/175...-C-for-Unity3D

    Learn the Fundamentals of C# programming: http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/185...utorial-Series

    Private C# Game Programming Lessons: http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/201...gramming-tutor

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    Do you mind if I throw my Youtube channel into the mix? I have a little over 50 video tutorials mostly covering Unity 4 and some Unity pro tutorials. I plan on having quite a bit of tutorials and will add three videos a week. You can also check out my website at xenosmash.com. Hope you enjoy my tutorials, thanks.

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