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    Best way to make terrain


    I've only just started using unity but I've been working as a games artist for many years, and also I have to do this project in a bit of a hurry so I dont really have time to go investigate most things myself which I would do otherwise.

    I need to create a rts style real world level, approx 3k x 3k, for an iPhone game.

    The terrain will be made up of tree, houses, hills and have general generic ground/grass/rock textures which must be tiled.

    I was going to approach this by creating the terrain in Max and vertex painting the different materials but Unity wont import this information.

    Is there any other way of importing terrain with blended materials into Unity? Or can I only use the terrain generator in Unity and paint it?
    I'd prefer to have my Max model as the terrain as I can have more control over it.


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    There is a mobile terrain package available on the forums called Terrain 4 Mobile. You can paint on gameObjects.
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    Ah, I found that thread about a minute after posting my original request. Its good to get confirmation though.
    Looks like it should do the trick.

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    There is also a vertex painting shader available on the asset store, that I'm pretty sure will allow you to use vertex weight maps painted in a 3rd party program (like max), and he provides a mobile version: http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/595...Painter/page13

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