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    Hiring someone who can help get multiplayer going on my card game website.

    i have a small budget but i need someone who is interested in working on a card game called legacy.

    we have a build for 2 players playing each other, but i need a good multi player guy who can help build it. preferably works on skype.. has a mic. speaks english and can produce results.. preferably someone who is on most of the weekdays.

    the budget is small but i am willing to pay a decent amount once the site is up and running and producing money. please let me know asap this needs to get done..

    skype = starcat42

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    Wrong forum. Also "I will pay you when I earn money" posts generally get pushed down into oblivion.
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    Boca Raton, Florida
    Quote Originally Posted by starcat View Post
    speaks english and can produce results...preferably someone who is on most of the weekdays...i am willing to pay a decent amount once the site is up and running and producing money
    These 3 lines all go against eachother. You'll have to outsource if you need stuff produced for free.


    Ok now that I'm done just teasing you this should be in the collaberation forum, this section is for questions on how to program your network. You will most likely get someone with a bit of networking knowlege wanting to learn more for your project as they will work for free. You need to drop your standards a little for free work, no expert network programmer will work for free. Time frames will get pushed back due to personal life being more important usually since it's not a paid job.
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    i said i have a small budget i didnt say "work for free"

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    iran (persia) tehran
    please email me at info@mindhammergames.com
    and also the guys are right, the collab forum is the right place for it.

    we might be able to do that for you.

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