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    Why Blender animation in Unity only shows "Default Take"?

    Hi, I'm using Blender version 2.58 and Unity version 3.4.1f5. I create a "opening" and "closing" door animation in Blender's Action Editor, and export it with .fbx file and click the "All Actions." However, there's only "Default Take" animation in Unity, why? Is the version of Blender or Unity is wrong? It bothers me hole weekend. Please help me! Thanks!

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    Thank you aNTeNNa trEE!

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    Just thought I'd mention that Blender 2.58 and above (including 2.60a, the latest) works with Unity's automatic model import function. You just need to replace the import script in Unity's installation path, which is here:


    (Make sure that when you click a Blender file *outside* of Unity that it opens in the correct version of Blender. My system was pointing at an old version of Blender until I uninstalled it, even though I had installed Blender 2.60a *after* that and tried to reassign the default program from the right-click menu. Only uninstalling the old version of Blender worked.)

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