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    NoSuchMethodError: com.unity3d.player.UnityPlayer


    I am just trying out the demo of Unity with the AR qualcomm plugin and i get splash and crash on device.
    Looking at adb logcat, the error in the title is clearly the cause. I even understand what it means, but i have no idea why it is happening.

    Can anyone suggest anything?



    Device: Samsung Galaxy S II (Snapdragon chip).

    ======= UPDATE

    Updated to 3.4.2 and same results.

    Anyone? Any ideas? Right now Unity seems pretty DOA to me.
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    Ok, so i have created a new project and added all the components and re done everything, but same error.
    I am getting a little frustrated with this now.

    Is there some way i can ask Unity for support?

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    Missing unity packages.

    I re-imported ALL packages for QCAR and it worked.

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