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    daz3d studio/ poser

    there are several tutorials to import daz3d studio/poser models/animations to unity3d. daz3d owned materials cost $500 for game license. is there any way to generate custom models in daz3d? it opens with model genesis that owned by daz3d. so i can not use it. it looks like every actor works base on daz3d models like genesis, victoria.

    is there any way to generate/edit body and pose it including face, hand?my budget is $500.

    i use blender. i know that i can do these, but it takes long time.

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    Well, have you looked at Carrara 8 Pro? That seems to cover modeling and posing all under the same hood. I know that MSRP is $550, but if you become a Platinum Club member, it's more like $350 or so. I would give that a looking over, it'll fall in your budget once the dust settles. Trust me on that. Also, there are tutorials on Carrara through Infinite Skills, and they seem to do a pretty good job on teaching that app. I've give that a looking over, too.
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    I would avoid Daz3D. Their licensing is pretty questionable; in fact, I've never been able to find the text of their current gaming license, just lots of posts from their devs saying that it's changed and that the one you can read isn't the one you get when you buy the new license. Their import tools are also kind of broken; you can't import hair or eyes correctly, and most of the models don't work. People have only had success with Victoria, and generally she is missing her hair and eyes. All of their content is also very high-poly and contains a ton of materials and textures, meaning it's not that suitable for games. They sell a package that's supposed to convert things to a more game-ready format, but those tools don't work, and they are currently selling them on a promise that some day they might get around to fixing them. Overall, Daz seems pretty sketchy to me, and I don't think they have a real plan to make their content usable for games.

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