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    Mesh scale factor vs Transform scale

    Hi. I am wondering what's the difference between having a model with it's mesh scale factor 0.01(default) on a GO with the transform scale of let's say 25, and a model with it's mesh scale factor of 5 on a GO with the transform scale of 1. I am asking because I have a model and if I leave the mesh scale factor to 0.01 and try to make it bigger throught the transform's scale the model gets mangled up. But if I increase the mesh scale factor and leave the scale to less it looks ok. Thanks

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    The transform scale should always be 1 if possible. Changing the mesh scale factor scales up or down the mesh data.

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    i have some sprite atlases though where each sprite is ,say, 32x32 pixels. I imported them with a mesh scale factor of 1 thinking that this is pixel perfect. But even though in the sprite editor they seem cut perfectly in the game view there were voids between sprites displayed.....ie i have some wall sprites that I want to be connected seamlessly and give them positions that are multiples of 32 but they had void in between....when I changed the scale factor to 0.95 I got the desired effect......Is there a way to find what that ratio is to scale the sprites externally so that the mesh scale factor of 1 works instantly?

    Do I need to concern myself with ppi or sth?
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